You've Got This - 5 Winning Tips For The Badminton Trot Up
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Riders: Still debating what to wear for the trot up at Badminton Horse Trials? The MirrorMePR equestrian PR team share 5 winning tips for the Badminton trot up to ensure you stand out from the competition for all the right reasons.

1. Think about how your outfit complements your horse.

Ever noticed how top show riders and even Crufts finalists dress to enhance their equine or canine partner. The colours in their outfits always complement in hue their animal’s natural colouring. Ensure your outfit doesn’t clash or distract from your horse.

2. Remember, ladies underwear is the foundation to your outfit.

And when it comes to running in the trot up, we don’t want unnecessary distractions! Choose a bra that minimises the bounce factor. Our clients, Equetech have a range of riding specific undies for that important supporting role.

3. Let’s talk footwear.

They need to look good but perform for the Badminton trot up. Make sure they are comfortable, fit perfectly, and you’ve done a trial run up in them before the day. Our client’s Spanish Boot Company also offer wide calf fittings, and with a growing collection of coloured tassels to add to your boots, colour coordinating your outfit just got easy.

4. Jewellery can be bold but getting hit in the face by a necklace as you are running won’t be fun.

Choose choker necklaces, smaller drop or stud earrings and bracelets for the finishing touch. Sylvia Kerr Jewellery offers a range of beautiful equestrian inspired pieces that you’ll want to gallop away with. If your top or shirt is crying out for a bold statement, choose a scarf with colour and detail. BHOID offer a collection of beautiful British made silk scarves that are cleverly designed to be wearable pieces of art. So, they look gorgeous whichever way you choose to wear them.

5. To tweed or not to tweed – that is the question.

Tweed is the staple look for the trot-up. Our clients Timothy Foxx always have a presence in the Badminton Trot Up, dressing stylish riders who are looking for exquisite tailoring with a fashionable twist. Choose a tweed with a bold plaid and pull the colour through with matching accessories. Find Timothy Foxx outside on ‘Hinnegar Way’ stand number 240 near the Festival of Food

And from all the team here, wishing all the riders heading to Badminton Horse Trials this week the very best of luck.

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