Winter Wardrobe Woes - MirrorMePR
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With spring (allegedly) just around the corner, it’s that time of year when we all try and do wardrobe edit and go through everything and donate anything which we haven’t worn in the past 12 months: EASIER said than done!

As a stylist our MD preached to the millions about how you should ‘declutter’ and spent many hours merrily stripping back client’s wardrobes, but as Ashley knows to her own cost, this process only tends to highlight the missing gaps in said wardrobe, which then need filling with more bits!

However when it comes to trying to get rid of our embarrassingly enormous equestrian clothing wardrobes, we just can’t do it.

We’re not sure why we have this inability to say goodbye to our equestrian clothing, but maybe it’s the emotional attachment that we have with the pieces. That competition jacket that saw us get our first red rosette or perhaps that pair of breeches that partnered with us on that wonderful summer hack in the sunshine.

Whatever the reason, our Equestrian PR Team have resigned ourselves to the fact that we just need more storage for equestrian clothing with memories!