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Whether your piece of paradise is a small patch of grass and a few tubs or acres of land, you can still make a difference to our planet, as our Country Lifestyle PR Team explain;

Whether you have a small patio area in the city or acres of land in the countryside, you can still garden to help the environment. Planting with thought can help reduce air pollution, provide food and homes for insects, improve noise absorption and even help to reduce our carbon footprint.


Breathe Easy

We know that plants absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen. By adding more green to your outdoor space, you’ll be doing your bit (however small) for the planet. So, which plants absorb the most carbon dioxide?  Bamboo is a fantastic growth plant and brilliant at absorbing CO2 and will survive in well-drained soil in a sheltered, sunny spot. We love the height and thickness of the plant for creating privacy in an open garden space.


Create A Buzz

Did you know that the bee population is in decline? Factors including loss of habitat and insecticides. You can create a buzz in your garden by planting bee-friendly plants, such as Bluebells for spring, Hawthorn for May, Lavender for summer and Mahonia for winter food, colour and foliage. Visit the Bumblebee Conservation Trust for more information and guidance. For larger plots, we love these Bee Bombs; seeds you simply scatter to create your very own bee and butterfly wildflower meadow.


Sounds Like A Great Idea

Noise pollution is part of city life, but your garden can still be a place of peace and tranquillity with some smart planting ideas. A thick tall boundary hedge will help absorb traffic noise as well as a nesting home for small birds such as robins and song thrushes. 


More bird song, less traffic noise!


Small But Significant

You might not be a huge fan of creepy crawlies, but insects are certainly on the menu for all the wildlife that might visit your garden day and night. However, if they start to encroach on your personal space, then there are some brilliant natural deterrents you can try. A fantastic natural deterrent for ants is cucumber! Simply put slices of cucumber at the ant’s point of entry, and it should deter them. Mint is also an excellent fly repellent and can be easily grown in pots. You can also pick fresh mint and add to your summer salad dishes for a fresh, tasty twist.


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