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With Ascot looming, are you planning the perfect outfit? In this blog, the MirrorMePR Country PR Team share their top tips on what to wear at Royal Ascot Racecourse

Get Ahead In Fashion

As experts in country PR we know Ascot is all about the hat, and wearing a hat or fascinator is a must. However, if you wish to stand out with a Millinery masterpiece, do take into consideration that you WILL be wearing it all day, so if requiring a 1-mile clear radiance around the brim at all times is necessary, the novelty might soon wear thin.

There are varying dress codes dependent on your ticket and the rules for entering the Royal Enclosure are even stricter:

Cover Up

Wave goodbye to off-the-shoulder or halter-neck numbers and keep an eye on the width of those straps (spaghetti or less than one inch thick) as these are not allowed. Baring your mid-drift or donning a mini skirt is also undesirable and while you might love your cute playsuit shorts number, it won’t rock the racing world (Ie: you won’t be allowed in). Choosing a hat or fascinator with a base of at least 4 inches is also another rule for the Royal Enclosure so measure up, so you don’t measure out!

Remember to bring a cover-up of some sorts, because as much as we love ‘summer’, we are still in the UK and things can get a little chilly. A smart tailored single breasted jacket or cropped jacket works well over a summer dress or choose a throw or pashmina in a subtle hue that picks out the colours in your clothes, shoes, hat or bag.

Get Carried Away

As experts in country PR we know clutch bags are great but make sure that they are big enough to carry your purse, phone, keys and everything else you need to carry around in that tardis of a bag! Choose a clutch with a shoulder strap, so you have the option of carrying it or hanging it on the back of your chair!

If you have a long journey ahead sat in the car, then it might be advisable to change into your outfit nearer to the racecourse as opposed to wearing it for a 4-hour car journey then wondering why your beautiful dress resembles an old crisp packet!

Ultimate Stylist Tips

And as for those finer details, we asked our MD, Ashley (Former Celebrity Fashion Stylist) for her infinite wisdom:

” Jewellery can be bold but choose statement pieces that aren’t fighting for attention with a busy print or pattern. If in doubt, less is more!

With skirt and dress length required to be at knee length or lower choose shoes with a heel to help add length to the leg with elegance, however, if you really can’t walk elegantly in them then opt for a lower heel or a pair of pumps. Ladylike is what we are looking for here! ”

And finally for a video that gives you the low down on do’s & don’t’s:


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Image Courtesy Of Butler Stewart