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As the dark evenings draw in, the CountryPR Team ask the question; ‘what does a country home need to ooze luxury and still be comfortable?’ Here is our guide to creating the ultimate luxury country house interior.



When it comes to open fires, every luxury home will have a huge roaring fire to settle down in front of to read Country Life magazine. However, if you don’t have an open fire, bring some warmth and heavenly scent to your abode with a scented candle or two. We can personally recommend these La Di Da Candles – trust us we have tried these, and they are tremendous!



From the runner that greets us in the hallway, the big tapestry rug in the drawing room, the wool and faux fur throws and blankets on the Chesterfield sofa; the country home has plenty of textures to touch and love. Mix them for an eclectic finish to your decor, think cosy and classy.



Every country home should have a black lab or springer spaniel. In fact, any dog (we’re not fussy). And if we can’t have a dog, we will settle for this fabulous Labrador Doormat instead; or anything that alludes to that fact we love dogs!



We love to dine in style, and every course is always offered with style and perfection in the country home. From the food to the presentation, we have standards. For cheese and port, we think this adorable mouse cheese cutter is a perfect finishing touch to dinner. Choose quirky additions to your dining table for talking points which will keep everyone entertained.



The luxury country home celebrates its rural surroundings by bringing an essence of animal magic into the home. Choose fox, deer, sheep and pheasant details around the home. Using trinkets, cushions and art; step into the world of a luxury country house experience – no matter where you live!


Our Country PR Team live and breathe the countryside and are passionate about the smaller, intricate details. With winter fast approaching, here are our top secret UK countryside winter breaks. If you have any questions regarding country PR, contact us or give us a call on 01932 918 089.