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We know a luxury equestrian brand when we spot one with over 40 years of combined luxury equestrian industry experience! In this blog, our Equine Marketing Team shares their tips on identifying a luxury equestrian brand.



An equestrian brand will always have its own personality and identity. They will always be a leader not a follower of equestrian fashion and style. A luxury  brand will always have a strong individuality that shines through. Our job as your PR and Marketing Agency is to harness that glow and showcase it to the world.


 A Unique Brand DNA

Luxury equestrian brands aren’t just different from the outside. Their very DNA is different. Whether it’s a unique story, unparalleled design philosophy or design and manufacturing execution. A truly luxury brand stand apart from the rest. As an award-winning equine PR agency, we are regularly approached by equestrian brands searching for marketing support. However, we only represent the brands that we feel are truly committed to the journey and offer something unique and of value to the consumer. 


Our outstanding reputation for delivering results is everything, and for us, we are only as good as our last PR campaign and our latest client, which is why we take your brand as seriously as if it were our own.


A Luxury Equestrian Brand Like No Other

Many of the luxury equestrian brands and products we launch and represent are like no other brand before. They are setting the benchmark when it comes to design, performance or innovation. From genuinely innovative products to merchandise that embodies luxury design. All our luxury clients have used our services to springboard their companies with tremendous success.


They Invest In Their Luxury Equestrian Brand

Luxury equestrian brands understand and appreciate the value of their brand, so they are prepared to invest in their future. Luxury brands know the value that expert marketing can bring to their brand. Creating the correct tone of voice and a consistent narrative across social media, digital, and print can significantly impact consumer perception and, ultimately, sales. Our expertise in luxury brands from PR through to consultancy is extensive and not exclusively limited to equestrian brands. We can position our luxury clients more effectively and with more significant benefits as a result.


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