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Nope we’ve not gone mad, we know we are fast approaching Christmas but as anyone working in the media or in luxury PR will know, whilst the rest of the world is wishing you a ‘Merry Christmas’, we are thinking about summer campaigns and probably writing about sunshine, summer holidays and BBQ’s!

Being inspired to write about the crisp winter weather and shorter days and longer nights, when it’s 70 degrees and the only cold we can really think about is Twister lollypops and maybe a glass of ice-cold Pimms after work does make things more difficult.

This strange world we work in means that Christmas poses not the prospect of a holiday but a surge in earlier deadlines, events that we all should go to and trying to plan shoots for the spring, when everyone else is in the throws of celebrating the festive season.

Don’t get us wrong, we loved Christmas, in fact we really celebrated it in August and when it comes to coordinating shoots for clients, we don’t envy the models wearing light layers shooting in September for spring then in the mid summer heat (I know you are possibly questioning summer and heat in the UK, but it does happen) shooting heavy winter coats and multiple layers. Often a location budget for shooting doesn’t extend to trips abroad but as a former stylist, our MD has a few location tricks up her experienced sleeve to cheat the season!

We will get a break over Christmas but just like all the media, we too will be working with them to meet their deadlines. Going into the office during the Christmas holidays isn’t all so bad though. We make sure our Luxury PR team is well stocked up with the family sized tub of Quality Street, and the quiet phones and cheesy festive tunes on the radio make it much better.

So, whilst you might be dreaming about a White Christmas, we’ll be dreaming about sunshine and summer!

And Happy Christmas and for those of you working in the media… Have a great summer!