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This Valentines Day, forget flowers and items adorned with love hearts (although of course you can feel free to give those as well); this is a definitive list of what we horsey girls REALLY want from our valentine…


We want gorgeous things and bling though, of course! A stunning Scarf Ring from Hermés is a winner!


For those with less cash to flash, but who still want to give a piece of jewellery with an absolute  ‘wow’ factor, how about  this stunning bracelet by Sylvia Kerr Jewellery?



Although you may be thinking lacy and sexy, we’re actually hoping for more sporty and functional! Whilst this might not be the sexiest lingerie YOU’VE ever seen, ‘bare’ with us on this one, because for a girl who spends hours in the saddle, underwear that feels good and avoids VPL (that’s visibility panty line) is essential, and so a great gift!

Our favourites are the fab collection from Equetech (great to wear under white competition breeches), which are also seamless, so no VPL or discomfort. They’re great for the gym or under a little black dress as well!

Bra wise, we really like these sports bras from Equetech. Again, not exactly Victoria’s Secrets stuff, but they do offer great support, so your girlfriend will thank you in her later years for getting her the great sports bra that allowed her to still have pert boobs! You will also get bonus points for choosing one with a zip front. This is a great idea because most sports bras need to be dragged off over your head (not easy after a work out)



I know we said forget flowers, but if you’re set on the floral idea, why not opt for a pretty stock pin from Dressage Deluxe, which will serve as a gorgeous reminder of your everlasting love for her? Their collection of stock pins are a bargain price and avoiding anything with a riding crop or fox head on will also gain you further bonus points.



If you’re feeling particularly generous, how about this beauty? Chocolate and handbags are both always winners, but a Chocolate DESIGNER classic bag… well now that takes some beating! Any gorgeous bag from Mulberry  that is big enough to stash all the stuff that girls like to stash in their bags and will take her from countryside to the city with ease. It’s an everyday bag that just gets better and better with wear… and believe me, she will wear this a lot!



And finally, of course, giving her your heart for keeps is kind of cute, so how about these adorable Tweed Heart Shaped Cushion from Timothy Foxx…. ahhh..

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