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When it comes to finding the perfect equestrian home, the MirrorMe Equestrian Fashion PR Team might need to win the lottery in order to buy it. But if money was no object, what we would be looking for? Here are our top tips for finding the perfect equestrian home for you and your horses:

Mother earth

Acres of grass can look fabulous on paper, but if the soil is clay it will be a nightmare in the winter, and if it’s sandy it could cause colic. Flint should be avoided too, as it can harm horses. Get a soil analysis to determine if that lush green grass is good enough to eat!

Humble Abodes

A true equestrian will always be looking for the perfect stable to house their horses, but don’t neglect your choice of home too. Check planning permissions to determine if you can extend your own abode before settling for that one bedroom listed cottage while your horse resides in an equine version of a penthouse suite.

Riding routes

If you love hacking, then you won’t want to be attempting to cross or navigate busy roads. Choosing a property that has direct access to a network of bridleways is the perfect solution. Opting for a home with an all-weather gallop track around the estate would be a very happy compromise (with a lorry to use should our Equestrian Fashion PR team wish to take a short journey of acres of off-road hacking of course)

Indoor or out

During the winter months, the Equestrian Fashion PR team all agree that an indoor school would be perfect, but come the summer there is nothing nicer than riding in the sunshine! However, few properties boast both, so if faced with either an indoor or outdoor arena, you need to weigh up the pros and cons. Building an arena does require planning permission, so it’s worth looking into further before taking the plunge and buying your dream equestrian home only to find out that you won’t be able to put your dream arena into the equation.

Walk on by

A horse walker would be another must on our list and, while your equestrian home might not have one already, this would certainly be a big selling point for the Equestrian Fashion PR team here! Ensuring that the arena surface is up to scratch is also important. Poor drainage or an unsuitable surface could easily end up costing you thousands to sort out.

We’ll be checking our lottery numbers closely…

Now MirrorMe Equestrian Fashion PR’s top team have helped you found the perfect home and your perfect horse, why not read our Bonding With Your Horse blog – full of great tips!