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We’re pretty lucky that the MirrorMePR Canine PR Team get to talk about luxury dog clothing, beds, products and treats nearly all day long, thanks to our fantastic stable of premium clients, so what do they recommend for spoiling your dog this autumn/winter?


Under Cover

Rain, sleet, snow and wind, when you are a dog owner, you pretty much get to experience it all out dog walking, so make sure your dog is covered as well! No one likes to get cold or wet, and the same applies to your dog! This Dogissimo Windsor Coat for Bulldogs, Frenchies and Dachsunds is the perfect outerwear with its toasty warm lining and waxed outer. If it is really bitterly cold, then a couple of short walks will be better than a long one where you will both get too cold to the bone!


Snuggle Up & Snooze

Prefer to snuggle up and stay in? When the bitter weather takes hold all we want to do after a walk is relax in comfort and this beautiful snuggly dog bed with washable cushion outer from Pink Whiskers is the perfect place to snooze for a dog.  Comfortable and super stylish, it brings a touch of country tweed to any home, whether it’s in the city or rural countryside.


Game Time

As the days get shorter, it means those dog walks after work get shorter. So, try incorporating some game time with your dogs at home. We love the ‘hide and seek’ game using The Dog Treat Company treats. Send your dog out of the room and hide treats all over the room and then invite your dog in and tell him to find it. At first, he may not understand, so you will have to teach him the command and show him where you have hidden the treats for the first couple of times. Once he gets the hang of this game, he will love it, and you can also add direction, by using commands and pointing to give him or her some direction. A fun game for a long winter’s evening that both of you will enjoy!


You Said It!

Come on; we have to fill the long winter evenings with something new? Watching the entire box set of Game Of Thrones perhaps? Try choosing a bespoke dog tag from our clients Growlees for the perfect boredom filler. Be inspired by their humourous collection or make your own so your dog gets to speak his mind!

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