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With Ascot 2015 looming (only a week to go now!), our thoughts have turned to exactly what to wear for this super stylish date in the racing calendar! If you are a newbie when it comes attending a race day, then you’ll probably want to search for what NOT to wear in the first instance, as it seems the tabloids seem to take great satisfaction in showcasing the very worst examples of bad outfit and hat choices!


Once you’ve had a good look at how mixing daytime drinking with tower heels doesn’t work, then you can decide between going teetotal in the fabulous tower heels or wearing more sensible shoes so that you will still be able to navigate the uneven terrain and steps up to the Grandstand after a few drinks!


Aside from that, our top tips and advice are as follows:

  1. Wearing a hat or fascinator is a must, but if you want to stand out with a millinery masterpiece, do take into consideration that you WILL be wearing it all day, so if it’s large enough that you require a 1 mile clear radius around the brim at all times, the novelty might wear thin.
  2. There are varying dress codes dependent on your ticket and the rules for entering the Royal Enclosure are super strict, so make sure you take heed of them!
    • Forget off-the-shoulder or halter-neck numbers and check that your straps are not spaghetti or less than one inch thick, as these are a no go!
    • Both baring your midriff or donning a mini skirt are also undesirable, and whilst you might love your cute playsuit/shorts number it won’t rock the racing world (i.e. you won’t be allowed in)
    • Choosing a hat or fascinator with a base of at least 4 inches is also another rule for the Royal Enclosure – so make sure to measure up so you don’t miss out! We love this Timothy Foxx Fascinator – so classy! An image of the Timothy Foxx Tweed Rose Fascinator Hat - the perfect headwear option for Ascot 2015
  3. Remember that you are at an outdoor event and that Ascot in particular is a flat and open venue, so bring a cover-up of some sort, because as much as we love summer it is still the UK summer. A smart, tailored, single-breasted jacket or cropped jacket works well over a summer dress, or another good option is to work a pashmina in a hue that picks out the colours in your dress, shoes, hat, or bag.
  4. A clutch bag is a great option for finishing an outfit, but make sure that it is big enough to carry your purse, phone, keys and everything else you will need to carry around (so ideally, make sure that it is a Tardis of a bag!). We would choose a clutch with a shoulder strap, so then there is the option of carrying it or hanging it!
  5. Another consideration in your choice of dress and/or accompanying jacket should be how creased it is likely to get and how quickly! If you have a long journey, change into your outfit at a service station nearer to the racecourse as opposed to wearing it for a 3 hour car journey then wondering why your beautiful dress resembles an old, crumpled crisp packet!
  6. When your skirt or dress length has to be at the knee or lower, then shoes with a heel help add length to the leg and elegance to your ensemble. If you really can’t walk elegantly in heels though, then opt for a lower heel or a pair of pumps; whatever you choose, ladylike is key for Ascot!


Finally for a video that says it all, see below. And above all, have a great time at Ascot 2015!