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As an award-winning social media marketing agency, we know what it takes to supercharge our client’s social media channels by putting the right plans and strategies in place. Here are our top 5 social media marketing tips you need to help your business thrive.


Build A Cohesive Brand Presence

Create social media channels which reflect your brand’s identity. Visitors to your social media channels need to feel a level of familiarity to instil trust and confidence. Keep your brand colours, logos and font consistent with your website.  


Focus On Brilliant Customer Service 

Focus on delivering a brilliant customer service experience across your social media platforms. Ensure that your tone of voice is consistent. Nothing is more disappointing for a customer than fantastic service through purchase interactions or via email or phone, only to experience poor customer care via poor responses to messages or comments on social media. Ensure whoever manages your social media marketing is a social media expert, They must understand the importance of consistency and excellent customer service.


Manage Paid Advertising Wisely

If you’re spending money on social media advertising, you need to ensure you monitor your spending and set out clear goals on what you want to achieve. Test different formats and set a clear budget from the start. Certain times of the year can become very expensive to advertise (key holidays and sale time). Plan your campaigns effectively so you get the best value for money.


Optimise Your Profile Bios & Links

Optimise your social media profile bios to include keywords relating to your industry. Remember to update your URL regularly to keep them relevant and build a link network to take your profile and visitors directly where they want to go.


Leverage Influencer Relationships

If you already have a network of influencers you work with, leverage these partnerships. Create campaigns that offer value back to your community and nurture these influencer relationships. Brand loyalty should be a key factor when working with influencers. If it’s just about the fee and not so much about the brand love, then you need to review your influencer marketing strategy. Working with influencers passionate about your products or services is essential for successful influencer marketing to work effectively.


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