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As a former celebrity and fashion stylist, our MD Ashley Rossiter has styled everything from luxury luggage on a private yacht, through to Hollywood actresses on the red carpet. As Ashley explains, styling and photographing your products should be undertaken with detail and care. Here are Ashley’s pro top tips for capturing the perfect product shot.

Get Professional Help

There is a saying that ‘a picture can say a thousand words’, but I would go further and say ‘a good photograph can sell a thousand products!’. We always recommend that our clients invest in good photography if they want to have their products featured in the media. Good, high quality, high-resolution images will make your brand stand out and reflect the quality of your products. If your product is low -mid-priced, it still needs to look high-end to draw consumer interest. Take a look at a few of the cheaper high street brands; they don’t skimp on photography because good photography sells your products. A good photographer can help with direction, styling and composition so they are really worth their weight in gold!

Plan Your Shot List

If you are planning a shoot day; whether it’s with models, influencers or still-life, make sure that you have a plan of what you are going to shoot and where/how. Being organised, allows you to plan props, plan each set-up to make better use of your location and speeds up the whole shooting process, so you can get a lot more shot during a day and therefore more choice when it comes to selecting images.

Photographing For Social Media

If you’re planning on shooting social media content, you can get away with shooting content on your smartphone. However, we still use professional photography for this purpose, and any content we might shoot on smartphones is always shot and downloaded as high res. The reason for this is that social media platforms, especially, Facebook, compress the images, so you always lose some quality when uploaded. Starting with a higher resolution image will ensure that your images still look good when used on social media.

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