10 Things Everyone Should Know Before Buying Their First Horse
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As long term horse owners, our Equine Marketing Team looks back with fondness at the things we didn’t know before buying our first horse. From your wardrobe through to your shoes, everything changes when you buy your first equine friend. 


Welcome to your first horse ownership with our short, tongue in cheek guide!


1. Expensive shoes will be on your horse’s feet, not yours. Every 4 – 6 weeks your first horse will be enjoying new shoes. Your feet won’t be.


2. You will become obsessed with the weather and temperature.


3. Tack shops. That is all.


4. You’ll be spending literally HOURS at the yard (family, friends, partners, please take note). 


5. Buying a horse for the first time will mean that your horse will have a more extensive wardrobe than you. Buying rugs that you don’t need is essential.


6. You will have more pictures of your horse on your phone than your partner.


7. Your lovely clean car won’t ever be clean again.Your new horse however, will be gleaming.


8. Your first horses’ mane and tail will be his crowning glory. Your hair, however…


9. Winning a rosette is everything. First horse or not (this doesn’t change!)


10. You may suddenly find you are obsessed with ‘matchy-matchy’ or ‘bling’. Do not worry. This is perfectly normal.


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