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Here at MirrorMePR, we love the fact that a gorgeous pictorial book titled “The Stylish Life Equestrian” came out this Autumn! This book takes a peek at all things glamorous and gorgeous, from people to places to fashion and well… horses, obviously. It’s a gorgeous insight into the world of equestrian life through designer, rose-tinted, gold specs and it would be an understatement to say that we LOVE IT!

However, although horses and everything associated with them can be glamorous, as any horse owner or groom will tell you, there’s also a lot of dirt, sweat… and even more dirt involved!

This got us thinking of how the reality of looking after horses would probably not make for a glossy coffee table book, but would be more an aversion tactic used by non-horsey partners as a gift for their loved ones who are thinking about buying their own horse (or indeed, buying their children a pony). ‘The Real Horse/Rider’s Life’ would consist of shots which capture the ‘rawness and reality of horses and life with horses’ starting with a double two page spread of a completely mud-caked horse standing knee deep in a bog of a field in the rain, with the caption ‘Ready For Ride’.

Another image would be of a beautiful grey horse stood up for it’s portrait, covered in stable stains and grass stains with the caption ‘50 Shades Of Grey’.

Then, someone sat amongst a pile of stinking nettles, displaying severe rope burns across their palms with a horse galloping off into the distance in just a head collar with trailing rope in a cloud of dust would simply be entitled ‘The Spirit Of The Horse’.

‘Summer In Style’ would feature a rider the colour of beetroot with ‘rider tan lines’: vest top strap lines, white hands from gloves and white legs (thanks to her breeches). Her outfit would be a faded (overly washed) vest top, an off-coloured white bra (overly washed), a faded Sports Direct (or other free promotional) baseball cap, denim cut offs (old jeans that had rips in – we equestrians are very good at ‘up-cycling’) and socks (generally the BF’s or dad’s) with “vintage” (aka old, very old), well-worn trainers. For the finishing touch, her accessories would be a couple of horse fly bites and bruises, and scratches all over.

But we think that the most popular image in the entire book would be ‘Competition Clean’, which would feature a beautiful model dressed in smart white breeches, show shirt and stock with a great big smearing of grass green slim across her shoulder and dirt on her breeches – because, as every equestrian knows, whoever invented the concept of wearing white for shows clearly didn’t have to actually touch the horse before sitting on it!

So, after all the preening, cleaning and polishing, we agree that the equestrian life does look stylish… but it also takes a lot of hard work and plenty of Stain Devil too!