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As we head into 2022, our Lifestyle & Interior PR Experts share our thoughts on three interior trends that you’ll want to try in your home this year.


Calming, Neutral & Natural

After the chaos of the past two years, seeking a calming refuge is on everyone’s agenda. Create a calming space with neutral shades, tactile fabrics and natural materials. Add soothing hues of teal, stone and grey to bring light and energy to the room. Keep the room clutter-free and add slices of agate crystal pieces to adorn natural wood furniture with wool throws and rugs to add warmth to this relaxing living space.


Work & Live Spaces

As the working from home culture continues, we’re seeing more adaptations to living spaces that allow for both work and living. Paying more attention to room layouts to allow the room to flow will become a priority. Choosing furniture that is dual purpose for your home office, such as ergonomic chairs that both look good and feel good to be sat working in, will grow in demand. Clever storage ideas will evolve as homeworkers look to ‘close’ the office after hours and remove it from the room to allow for restful and relaxing downtime. 


Living rooms generally used during the evenings and decorated to embrace this usage will be given more significant considerations. The move towards stay at home workers mean a shift to use during daylight hours. Look out for big and bold potted green foliage and a change of colour scheme, from dark tones and all-encompassing to bold, bright, airy and inviting.


Very Peri Purple

As Pantene announce their new colour for 2022, we embrace  Very Peri in all its regal ‘purpleness’. We predict that you’ll see a fair sprinkling of this dynamic colour throughout homes in 2022. Consumers seeking to bring a pop of welcome colour into their lives during these dark times. This joyous colour works perfectly with natural tones such as linen and sage. We predict a retrospective twist on this big colour trend as Interior Designers embrace Very Peri alongside hot metallics and vintage brown paying homage to the 1970s.

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