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Our Marketing & PR Team shares a few of the hottest consumer trends that we all seem to be buying into. Here are some of the hottest trends your business needs to know about, from the epic rise of the small independent through to putting brand personality under the spotlight.


Green Credentials & The Consumer

Perhaps one of the most significant shifts we see in consumer trends and purchases relates to a company’s green credentials. More than ever, consumers are looking for sustainable and eco values at the heart of the business. Whether it’s being a plastic-free champion, sourcing production closer to home or giving back to the planet, these values are essential aspects to consider for any business.


Corporates That Care

Consumers are looking for businesses that care no matter their size, from a small start-up to big corporate companies. Caring for society, it’s employees or the planet, whatever the aspect, it has to be authentic and genuine. When values held high include being ‘in it together,’ you need to show that your business, regardless of size, is part of that narrative.


The Rise Of The Independent 

COVID saw the rise of the small retail underdog when it came to consumer community support. Products made and produced in the UK were pushed to the front due to availability. And small organised businesses flourished thanks to fantastic customer service and organised small teams. This shift to shop with small businesses is only set to rise as more small companies upgrade their website and social presence to compete with the larger retailers. Consumer trends for small businesses which matter!  


Brands With Personality 

Feeling connected with a brand or business is how consumers want to feel. Tapping into humour and connected on a personal level have always been two strong sales drivers. In 2020/21, we saw brands across all sectors, bringing brand personality to a whole new level. Excellent copywriting, website content that entertains and informs,clever social media campaigns and a strong marketing strategy is a consumer trend that lays the foundation for success.


Building a brand takes expertise and careful strategic planning. Our experience working with brands goes beyond PR. We have enjoyed being part of so many new brand launches over the years, from initial brand concept through to launch and beyond. We have also helped brands realign their business direction and support rebranding and refocus.


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