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If merriment has elevated your hangover to a whole new dimension, then we share our top five best hangover cures to try. We can’t promise they will eradicate your hangover, but they are bound to help!


Rehydrate & Replenish

Drinking alcohol dehydrates your body, so replenish your body by drinking lots of water, coconut water, soda water and isotonic drinks the following day. Avoid heading for a ‘hair of the dog’ drink. Stick to non-alcoholic beverages to help flush out toxins in your system and rehydrate your body.


Rewind With Retrospect

Drinking glasses of water in-between your alcohol drinks will ensure that your body stays hydrated, lessening the after-effects of a hangover. Drinking on a full stomach is also a good idea if you’re planning a night out. Choose food such as Greek yoghurt, eggs and salmon, which are high in fats and protein and help slow down alcohol absorption. Choosing a good quality wine, English wines or champagne over cheaper will also result in psychologically wanting to drink less or more slowly, thus reducing your hangover!


Avoid Congeners, Or You’re Bonkers

If you haven’t heard of congeners, you need to know about them. Congeners are the by-products of the alcohol being fermented or distilled.  They add to the taste and aroma of distilled alcoholic beverages and contribute to the taste of non-distilled drinks. 

The more congeners in a drink, the worse your hangover will be. Avoid lots of brandy, rum and red wine if you want to avoid a hangover. We say keep the red for a cosy evening of winter wines and watching holiday movies.


Best Hangover Cure Food

Bananas are rich in potassium, a crucial electrolyte lost through drinking. Eggs, salmon and avocado are excellent hangover cure foods, full of protein and good fats. Honey is can help squash post-drinking recovery time. While the evidence on this claim is still sketchy, a dollop of honey on your yoghurt or in your tea could be just what you need for those hangover shakes.


Get Your Fix

Coffee might seem like the best hangover cure, but coffee is also a diuretic. Like alcohol itself, it will dehydrate your body! Avoid coffee for a few hours longer until you start to feel less hungover. Get your fix of fresh air by taking a gentle walk. Gentle exercise is a great way to intake more oxygen to help the body process those nasty toxins from the night before.

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