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An image of two tango dancers showcasing their dancing talent dressed in finery on a cobbled street.
I heard via some stateside-based friends recently that they have a series of qualifiers entitled “American Equestrians Got Talent” in Florida. From the sounds of it, it seems to be based on a mixture of TV talent show “America’s Got Talent” and the internationally popular TV series “Strictly Come Dancing”, where celebrities take to the dance floor to show off their skills… except the celebrities are exclusively riders!

I’m sure that there are some pretty good dancers amongst those contestants, as most riders should have an element of fitness and co-ordination from riding (and when it comes to dressage, we would hope some rhythm too!), but how about expanding it to an even wider talent show as well?

Transforming party tricks into a performance would be fabulous and wouldn’t it be great to see your favourite eventer belting out a Sinatra or Shakira track?! Or perhaps doing some stand up comedy?

With so many great and talented individuals within our equestrian community, I really hope this format will reach the UK and that some of our big named riders will get involved. To have it covered by a channel such as Horse & Country TV would be even better and would hopefully contribute towards a return back to the brilliant days when riders really were ‘TV personalities’ and seeing them on our TV screens was totally commonplace.