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With more and more equestrian portrait photographers covering brides on their wedding days alongside their beloved equine friends (preened to perfection for their owner’s big day, of course!), it seems equestrian themed weddings are becoming big news!

And it’s not just the professional riders who want an equestrian-tailored theme to their big day; horse-loving couples are tying the knot with some great equestrian inspiration, from wedding décor through to reception activities, and even the honeymoon!

A recent feature in leading national equestrian title Horse & Rider looked at honeymoons which appeal to horse lovers and Pinterest is full of great inspiration for those looking to tie the knot in a classy, not tacky, horsey fashion!

Equestrian-themed hen parties are also growing in popularity, with companies such as Rein & Shine and Chillisauce both offering horsey brides-to-be, and even equestrian beginners, the opportunity to have some fun on horseback as an alternative and, lets face it, a far more civilised approach to having some bachelorette fun (that can always follow after dark though!).

So whether it’s a horse and carriage to get you to the church on time, an equestrian-themed table setting, or a Shetland pony as your ring bearer (yes, I know, we couldn’t believe it either, but UK company Wedding Ponies For U offers this wonderful service!), it looks like equestrian-themed weddings are neigh problem.

Photo credit: Kattebelletje via Photopin CC 

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