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Your competitor brand has only been on social media for a few months, has only posted a handful of times, yet they now have 20K followers more than you on Instagram. How is that possible we hear you cry? Well, here at MirrorMe luxury PR, we think that unless they have a fantastic marketing strategy that we don’t know about, the likelihood is that they have bought their followers. Read on to find out why you shouldn’t buy yours…


Buying a load of followers might impress some, but it’s pretty easy to see if a profile has bought followers en masse, as accounts with followers who have little or no posts are more than likely to be fake. Those accounts with minimal posts and substantial follower numbers are always highly suspicious. Take this random account we found as an example.

If you were a Kardashian, then you might get that many followers from just 84 posts, but this individual doesn’t even have the kind of engaging content that would warrant that many followers. On further investigation, there are lots of likes from accounts which again have very few posts.


So as a brand, buying your followers may play up to the ‘numbers game’ but remember they won’t ever give you real customer interaction, or go on to be a loyal customer and buy your products. And here at MirrorMe luxury PR we believe that one of the most important aspects of social media is about connecting people with your brand. Spamming your follower count with bots and fake accounts won’t help you reach the people you may want to target. While growing your organic audience can take considerable time and effort, it will be worth it in the long run.


Accounts with substantial follower counts and little or no comment are also a bit suspect. While most people can’t be bothered to comment, if you spot a lot of remarks from their followers that seem odd, out of context or just don’t make sense, then we would red flag it. Again, looking at accounts that don’t have any engagement with the followers who do interact with them can also be a sign that something just ain’t right!


Managing your social accounts consistently with excellent response times is so important, (after all, we don’t want people thinking your lack of engagement is down to you having a dodgy account as well!) Follower engagement and building strong relationships online are imperative for your brand’s growth (not just follower number size), so make sure you invest time and energy in these areas and if you can’t do it all yourself, then get someone experienced and qualified to do the job for you.

Here at MirrorMe luxury PR, we understand the importance of having a brand and connecting with the right target audience for it through social media. If you found this blog helpful, then you might enjoy our blog on making your brand stand out from the crowd which can be found here.