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Equine with mane blowing in wind

It’s fair to say that the MirrorMePR Equine PR Team tend to see similar breeds of horses popping up within disciplines.


Known for their speed and intelligence, full and cross thoroughbreds tend to crop up a lot in the eventing world. In fact, one of our fabulous riders Gemma Tattersall is partnered with a super talented TB called Artic Soul; both have done incredibly well in eventing and also went to Rio!


Warmbloods tend to be the norm at the higher levels of dressage and show jumping, and Arabs in endurance. With so many amazingly talented horses out there, we suppose what does stand out for us are those horses that break that conventional breeding mould and then go on to do amazingly well in their chosen field.


One example that springs to mind is amateur dressage rider Stephanie Croxford and her very unconventional mix of Gelderlander X Hackney stallion out of a Dutch Warmblood mare; Mr President. Anyone who knows dressage will know that already his breeding makes him stand out, as this bloodline is more in favour with driving than dressage.


Despite competing against horses with pedigrees that make your eyes pop, this pair made rider’s hearts melt and grabbed headlines, as Steph trained Mr President up to the highest levels of dressage and competed him internationally and at Grand Prix Level, the top dressage level there is. That’s no mean feat for a horse that Steph bought as un-papered and initially bred for driving!


At the recent National Dressage Championships, Steph delighted the crowds riding Mr Hyde to come 9th place in the Grand Prix Gold Championships. The powerful eye-catching gelding also comes from a driving bloodline; they go to show that a good horse is a good horse, and with talent and training has the ability to go far.


As horse riders ourselves, our Equine PR Team know that owning and training a horse with an excellent temperament as well as ability is so important! And without teamwork you will never have a winning partnership with your horse, even at the lowest competition levels. We all dream of riding for our country but the reality is that most of us probably won’t. Finding a horse with a willing temperament, good basic paces and some talent to take us as far as our own (realistic) capabilities, is certainly a horse we would snap up; whatever their breeding!


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