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We’ve had a fantastic education on rider fitness, courtesy of our clients Très Health, a fitness and well-being clinic based in Chelsea, London. Since they launched their ‘Rider Services’ we have been privileged to see first hand the way the clinic works with their all-encompassing client focus.

Too often as riders we focus so much on our horse’s diet and exercise programme only to neglect our own! How many times have you run late home from the yard and grabbed some fast food, a sandwich, fizzy drink or chocolate bar for dinner? Working with this client has really showcased for us, the importance of having a good balance between both your mental and physical health. Shadowing their ambassador, international show-jumper Jay Halim has made us look at our own health and fitness and realise that in order for our horses to perform better, we also need to make the effort too!

What we found really interesting was that balance is key in getting fit and healthy, so instead of racing around, riding, yard duties then cramming in a gym session when you are exhausted, you need to find a balance so that you can include your gym work (perhaps with a shorter more effective work out) meaning you can look after your mind and body better.

Stress can have a huge impact on your body and mind and what we loved about Très Health’s approach to riders is that they also offer life coaching. So, whether you are anxious about a big competition coming up or work stress is impacting on your enjoyment of riding, this is hugely valuable.

Their nutritionist is outstanding and working the rest of the team of physios, personal trainers etc., helps riders to eat cleaner, whilst being realistic about their lifestyles. We all know what we should be eating but what we love is that she makes planning meals easy and guidelines that riders can realistically follow, even when lunch breaks are short and breakfast is taken on the run!

Their ‘Rider Services’ are doing incredibly well, with both professional riders and leisure riders and with ‘take-home’, bite-sized chunks of wisdom, they are not only offering riders the opportunity to be fitter, healthier and happier but a lifestyle change they can keep for the future.