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We’ve had some great exposure for one of our clients Kentucky Horsewear, courtesy of a certain racing super star turned potential dressage super model, none other than Kauto Star and top eventer Laura Collette.

Laura is the perfect example of how the relationship between sponsored rider and brand can work really well and she really is a joy to work with and very pro-active, which is key to keeping the brand’s happy and allowing me (The PR bit in the middle) to get the associated exposure for the client.

Finding the right sponsored rider for a brand isn’t always about choosing top ranking names. Very often, we get asked why certain, not necessarily top riders, gain and maintain great brands and the answer is simple, because they WORK at it.

Sponsorship isn’t a one-way street, brands and their PRs need pro-active riders who want to help promote their association!

Negotiating deals whereby riders and brands are both happy can be tricky and a delicate subject and calls for tact and understanding, however I remember once speaking to someone representing a rider whose opening line to me was ‘Well, it wouldn’t have been her first choice’… yes really?!

Image of Laura Collett and Kauto Star wearing Kentucky Horsewear Boots at Kempton Park. Photo John Hoy.