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Getting a cute fur baby addition to your family can bring immense joy to your life but before you take the plunge, read our essential guide to raising a puppy, sharing everything you need to know.


Raising A Puppy Is Hard Work

First and foremost, it’s not easy raising a puppy. Puppies are hard work; They need training, feeding at regular intervals, and entertainment. You need to invest considerable time into your puppy to reap the rewards as a well-behaved adult dog. Getting a puppy can make you feel overwhelmed, and it’s not all smooth going, primarily through the toilet training and teething phases. You might want to consider adopting a rescue dog instead. Not all rescue dogs come with issues, and many are well-mannered and house-trained already!


A Life-Long Commitment

Depending on his breed and health, your puppy could live for over a decade and beyond. That’s a big lifelong commitment you make when you buy a puppy. Dogs require regular daily walks and human companionship, so be prepared to spend time with your dog. You’ll need to be a responsible dog owner and ensure that your dog is under control and well-mannered if you want to enjoy life with a loyal canine companion.


An Ongoing Expense

Consider the ongoing expense of having a dog. Dogs require feeding, but they also need annual vaccinations, health checks, vet visits and insurance. Unless you have an endless stream of family and free animal sitters, you may have to consider paying for kennels, dog sitters and, if you work all day – dog walking services. These costs all add up over time. The value of having a canine companion in your life is immeasurable, but the hard financial facts aren’t.


Romantic Breaks For Three

Planning a romantic break for two? Or heading abroad? You may have to compromise on luxury dog-friendly breaks in the UK if you have a dog. It’s not all bad news as there are some excellent UK dog-friendly hotel stays you can all enjoy, but don’t forget that if you are planning a last-minute getaway, you’ll need to consider accommodation arrangements for you AND your dog. And during high peak demand periods such as the Easter, summer and Christmas holidays, booking in advance is essential and can be more expensive than at other times of the year.


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