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We don’t know what it is about our camera but every time we plan a shoot or indeed get to a shoot and get said camera out – the heavens open!!

Recently we went down to international eventer Francis Whittington’s yard to write up a couple of features and do some pictures with him at his yard down in Kent for our client Kentucky Horsewear.

The night before Francis had texted us asking if we had seen the weather forecast for the planned shoot day (we had, but we were in denial!)

Due to Francis’s busy teaching and training schedule, we had had to cancel on more than one occasion, so this really was the last the opportunity we had with him, so we texted back saying ‘yes, but we will wing it!’.

When you are battling with gale force winds and torrential rain, there are some things that you can’t shoot well and that’s…well horses! We ended up doing all our pictures and video under cover, but it did give us a chance to get up close and personal with some of Francis’s gorgeous horses including Sir Percival III, who was a real sweetie and a superb equine model when it came to demonstrating having Kentucky Horsewear boots put on/off and on!

The second shoot we had in the rain (This time thankfully not as bad) was for our other client Golly Galoshes. The shoot was to demonstrate a horse with four white bandages on and how the clever equine gaiters put over the front pair only, help to protect and keep clean and dry. The back pair were left exposed to the wet sand and for once the wet weather worked perfectly in our favour and the big reveal (What my TV producer friend would call ‘TV magic’) on camera exposed brilliant White bandages – perfect! Not so sure the lovely dressage rider and model for the day Camilla James and her washing machine were happy with the rain and two filthy bandages, but we did get a fab video!!

Anyway its only set to get worse, so hoping any shoots we have planned are going to be indoor studio ones… unless we get a nice trip to the sunnier climates, however not sure we will be able to wangle that one!