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When it comes to dressing for success for a day at the races, our MD Ashley Rossiter, former celebrity stylist dons her styling hat once more to give her top tips for Ascot.

  • When choosing a hat, choose comfort and class. Remember you are going to be wearing it all day, so choosing an Avant-garde style, which is huge and yes, show-shopping but neck wrenching, will perhaps catch the eye of the press, but will probably annoy everyone else around you and require a trip to the chiropractor post event!


  • The same goes for your choice of footwear. Drinking, uneven surfaces, turf and heels can make for a dangerous combination, so be sensible with your height and style of heel.


  • Race wear should be elegant and leave a LOT to the imagination. Even if you don’t have to stick to a specific dress code, use the rules as a general guideline and you won’t go far wrong.


  • Trousers suits can look just as elegant as a dress and younger than a dress-suit, but choose matching fabrics and if you want more wear out of it post race-day, then go for plain colours as opposed to bold patterns. You can easily add a pop of bold pattern through a scarf, blouse or shirt if you stick to plain tailoring. However, it’s not so easy to tone down a bright floral/patterned suit, so you can get more than just a couple of wears out of it!


  • Downsize your handbag before race-day. A small clutch bag with a spaghetti strap or chain will complete your outfit and should be enough to stash your essentials. If you really can’t live without a make-up bag, then grab some mini testers for the products you love or transfer a little of each into mini travel pots so you have your essentials without the bulk!


  • Remember rules are rules. If you want to get in and stay in, then make sure you follow them strictly depending on which enclosure you are in. For full listing of what to wear or not, click here.