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A strong PR & Marketing strategy is essential for UK country brands to step up their game and grab consumers’ attention. We don’t just mean your marketing strategy extending to just promoting the odd Facebook post! We’re talking about getting the attention of the consumer.

‘Ahh that’s OK,’ You’re maybe thinking.

‘I’ll do a few Facebook Adverts or boost a post and maybe give a blogger a few pieces of clothing, and that will do.’

Well, think again. In a world where the consumer is bombarded with way too much content for the human brain to process or retain, standing out from the noise is even more critical. In fact studies have indicated that the average consumer is exposed to up to 10,000 brand messages each day. Pretty scary right? While having an enormous ad budget would be great to play with, having an experienced PR & Marketing team onboard is a huge part of the bigger success story.

Word Has It?

We’ve been doing a little research internally into the lifespan of online coverage, and it’s relationship with UK country brands. Taking a few sample pieces of editorial attained for clients, we’ve found that they are still performing and still getting views many years later. One article we looked at has had over 6,000 views since 2012, and that number is still rising.

The Key

Not just getting the client an editorial mention in the first place but writing content so that it gets the click. Quality content is essential, and yet it is also one of the most underestimated forms of marketing. With our writing experience and an MD with journalism qualifications, not to mention previous experience writing for consumer titles and broadsheets, we understand them from this side of the fence. We make sure we get to know them personally so we can offer angles and stories that resonate with them personally and which are also relevant to their audience.

Social Statements

And you think that good writing just relates to press releases? Then think again. Good copy writing also relates to your social media posts (even those one-liners need to be snappy to attract attention) The struggle to get noticed is real and great creative visuals, content and writing all help the cause.

Please Stay A Little Longer

Once we’ve driven the traffic to your website (From print, digital and social channels) sure we want them to buy (if you are an online business), but we also want them to have something great to read. So, we also write amazing blog content for our clients, because after all, you want them to see you as an authority in your field and offer great advice and tips don’t you? You also might to educate your customers and potential customers on your company ethics and give them further insight into your brand in a more personal fashion than just an ‘about us’ section on your website.

Time Savers

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you could free up some time in your busy day?

Well, working with an efficient PR & Social Media Marketing team can do that you.

No more having to deflect the bombardment of advertising enquiries.
No need to spend hours managing all your social channels – using up your valuable time creating and collating fresh and engaging content instead of focusing on the heart of your business and more importantly direct sales and growth.
An essential part of your team – the creative hub you need in any business at your service.

Speaking Your Language

You know what you want to say or the message to get across but just don’t know how to translate it into a story or angle that will create some noise, be it amongst your consumers or be compelling enough to get the editor’s attention. That is where your PR guru will come into the mix. Remember they are not living and breathing your brand with the same intensity that you do, so they are going to be able to step back and take a look at it more objectively than you can and bring fresh new ideas to the table or boardroom when no one else in your company could.

On Your Side

Sometimes the world of business can be tough. Sales can fluctuate, products can get recalled and just sometimes you need someone on your side to help tell a good feel story to the world. That professional in a superhero outfit is your PR person or team. They will also have a superhero skill set to get your company out of some sticky mud and onto firm ground because that is what they do. They are the buffer to your brand when it comes to helping the consumer (and very often the brand) on positive stories and if there is a not so great story you need to address, they will help you with crisis management too. Of course, we are hoping that you don’t ever have to have crisis management, but it’s also in those PR superhero skill set if needed.

The Bigger Picture

A superb PR service embraces both social and traditional print PR & Marketing and if you want to grow your business efficiently and start to build your brand choosing an agency which has strengths and a proven track record in both is imperative. With the value of influencers continuing to grow, having the right associations and relationships is essential, and again, your PR team should know their niche and be able to guide you on the right affiliations and be able to open up a dialogue on your behalf.

On A Budget

Some brands feel that they cannot ‘afford’ PR but investing in your brand is key. It’s by no coincident that huge global brands have PR & Marketing teams and that the companies you think have excellent brand visibility also have a great PR & Marketing team behind them. Your PR Company could actually be SAVING you money, after all, look around and spot the brands that seem to waste on bad advertising choices, using terrible photography, devaluing their brands by plentiful unnecessary giveaways and promotions? Does that ring true for you?

Then actually the question you really have to ask is can you afford NOT to have good PR?

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