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It has to be said that most non-horsey partners of horse-mad other halves will want just one day of their lives when the horse in your life isn’t a priority… and for most, this day is called ‘the wedding day’! HOWEVER, if your partner embraces your passion for equestrianism as much as you do, then why not add an equestrian twist to the day’s décor and dress code?

Firstly, having your horse present at the wedding doesn’t have to be mucky (a good groom beforehand should see to that – although clearly you won’t be personally preening him to perfection before the photos). Just make sure he or she hasn’t been stuffing himself with grass either, as it wouldn’t look great all over your beautiful white dress!


If you want to do more than just taking photos, one of the ways you can bring your horse into the wedding party as a key guest is to use the same flowers in your bouquet, in your groom’s button hole, and plaited into your horse’s mane or tail!


Also be on the look out for vintage equestrian jewellery and cufflinks – again, this can add a subtle touch of equestrian to your day, as well as being a wonderful keepsake to be passed down each generation.


MirrorMePR definitely wouldn’t recommend riding your horse anywhere without a hat, so for us, even your equestrian wedding day shouldn’t be the exception – so your options are to either suffer helmet hair or skip the ride around your venue! Also, remember that the feel of a long garment over your horse’s back could be enough to turn him into a rodeo horse, and the last place you want to start your honeymoon is the A&E ward!


Even if equine guests are a firm no, you can still bring an equestrian touch to the day! How about using rosettes as chair décor or horseshoes as table place cards tied with string and featuring hand written cards?

And if you want some more inspiration, why not check out our Pinterest board, which is dedicated to all things equestrian wedding!