Is New Technology Changing Equine PR? | Mirror Me PR
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As technology continues to move forward, so does it’s infiltration into equine PR and canine world. As an equestrian and pet PR and digital marketing agency, we seem to be seeing more and more products coming through onto the marketplace. These are mainly aimed at helping improve the way we look after our animals and ultimately having a positive impact on their welfare.

As a personal representation agency, specialising in Equine PR, we thoroughly enjoyed working with French technology company Equisense on their UK launch of their ‘Equisense Care’ product. It is set to revolutionise the way horse owners care and monitor their horse’s health and wellbeing. Having watched with interest, we’ve seen various gadgets and apps launching over the past 12 months to assist every aspect of your pet’s welfare. Including both monitoring how much water you dog is drinking through to helping you develop the right exercise programme for your horse.

At a recent office outing to Time Inc’s Technology breakfast at the Soho Hotel, London gave us further opportunity to hear about how technology is changing the way we live in our homes and also the opportunity to take a peek into the future.

Discovering how technology is moving forward in the home is inevitably going to have a knock-on effect on other areas of our lives, and this applies to how consumers make their buying decisions and ultimately how this could have a positive impact on the brands we look after. Being aware of this kind of data helps our understanding of how the world works.

We were party to some great stats that the team offered up for digestion and getting the opportunity to break consumer’s buying decisions into chunks of data was incredibly insightful and relevant in so many ways to our other non-techy clients.

The future certainly looks connected and rather exciting!