National Pet Day: 6 Reasons Why Pets Are Good For Your Mental Health
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Our Pet Brand Marketing Team share the love for our pets on National Pet Day and share six reasons why pets are good for your mental health.


Give Purpose To Your Day

Whether it’s feeding your goldfish every morning or taking your dog out for a walk, pets give us purpose for our day. Having purpose and a reason to get out of bed (other than work commitments) is good for our mental health and wellbeing. 


They Add A Positive Routine To Our Lives

Routine can also be a positive aspect for those of us who suffer from anxiety and stress. From feeding to caring for our pets, having a routine gives our lives a familiar framework that we can take ownership of. Whether it’s taking the dog for their daily walk or grooming your cat twice a week, anything we do as part of our pet’s routine is good for our physical and mental health.


Caring Is Sharing

Caring for a pet gives us a sense of wellbeing and responsibility. Feeling responsibility gives us empowerment and a positive feeling of reward. Looking after a pet can also make us feel needed and wanted. Caring for a pet is rewarding and can positively affect our mental and physical health and fitness. Discovering a new forest walk with your dog is great for your brain, soul and your cardio. And setting up a series of new puzzle games for your rabbit to enjoy and solve will also get the brain matter working! Sharing our homes with pets makes life better.



Animals can offer exceptional companionship and comfort. For those living alone or who suffer from social anxiety, pets can be a huge comfort and source of companionship. The rise in demand for house rabbits makes people consider pets that perhaps were further down the list of desirables. Pet rabbits can make fantastic pets and can be housetrained. They love cuddles, and unlike dogs, can be left alone during working hours without the need for a dog sitter or dog walker.


Social Aspect

The social aspect of pet ownership is a wonderful positive for our mental health. Whether you join in the conversation with like minded pet owners within niche Facebook Groups or get chatting to people out on a dog walk, pets provide us with a hobby and a conversation that we love!


They Make Us Laugh

Pets make us laugh. In our experience as pet owners, we know our pets make us smile regularly. Playing fun games with your dog or watching your pet guinea pig enjoy a freshly prepared dish of greens is enjoyable. Smiling is good for our mental wellbeing and health. When we smile, our brain releases little molecules called neuropeptides which help to fight off stress. This is followed by neurotransmitters including dopamine, serotonin and endorphins.  These endorphins act as a mild pain reliever, and serotonin is your ‘feel good’ antidepressant.


There is no doubt that pets can have a positive impact on your mental health. But don’t forget to choose and buy your pet responsibly.


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