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While the on-going trend for celebrities matching their kids’ outfits with their own ensemble (the “Mini-Me” phenomenon) seems more popular than ever, we must admit that we prefer the evolving (and clearly more brilliant!) equestrian style trend for riders to match their steeds with colour co-ordinated accessories.

The MirrorMePR Equestrian PR Team asked one of our clients, Alison Nye-Warden of Dressage Deluxe, knows how to pull off this trend beautifully – without it looking like a real life version of “My Little Pony” and with no hint of pink in sight!

So, how are riders and horses mimicking this celeb mother and daughter matching look? Well, picking a block colour for their main outfit and then carrying it through coloured saddle cloths and bandages is one way, but some riders are going for an even more subtle approach and picking up colour through coloured gems in their horse’s browbands or a stock-pin of the same hue.

This trend really starting taking off a few years ago, with high profile riders showcasing how to do the so called “Matchy Matchy” equestrian style at shows, both in the warm up and the competition arena. Now, it’s filtered down to every day leisure riders who want to look and feel fashionable and co-ordinated, regardless of their riding level or discipline.

We love these saddlecloths, bandages and fly veils sold by Dressage Deluxe, which show off summer brights in style. Teaming with a ‘pop’ of bright colour somewhere on the rider’s outfit makes colour co-ordination easy.

For a more subtle look (I jest) how about an animal print? HKM Sports equipment stock a wide variety of animal print bandages, saddlepads, breeches (yes, breeches), gloves, leadropes, fly veils, headcollars and travel boots.

So are we tempted by any of these? Yep, you bet we are!

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