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What Is Equine Marketing And Do I Need It?

Our Equine Marketing Services are unrivalled in this sector. Our Award-Winning Equestrian PR Team have over 35 years of experience and expertise working with national and international equestrian businesses and brands. We offer qualified and professional help across a vast array of equine services. What services do you need as an equestrian brand? In this ...
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admin_89 April 22, 2020

Fantastic Stretching Exercise You Can Do At Home During Lockdown

If lockdown has seen your activity levels plummet and the only exercise that you are doing a lot of at home right now is ‘sofa surfing’ and watching YouTube, then it’s time to start incorporating some basic stretching and conditioning exercises back into your daily routine. Our Beauty Team spoke to celebrity personal trainer Lisa ...
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admin_89 April 24, 2020

3 Effective Ways To Remind Your Customers About Your Brand

” It’s not your customer’s job to remember to do business with you. It’s YOUR JOB to remind them.” Sounds pretty simple, doesn’t it? But so many businesses forget the importance of marketing to their current and potential customers. Reminding your customers about your products and business is crucial for your business’s long term survival. ...
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admin_89 May 4, 2020

5 Amazing Yoga Breathing Exercises For Anxiety

If you’re looking for more ‘ZEN’ during the lockdown, yoga is not only a great all over body workout, but it’s particularly good for your mental health too, with yoga breathing and meditation a core element of yoga. Yoga breathing exercises are not only beneficial for centring your body and mind but also to help ...
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admin_89 May 7, 2020

Why You Should Care About Your Business Online Reputation

There will always be businesses who don’t care about their online reputation. Businesses that don’t manage their social channels effectively. Businesses that don’t prioritise responding to an unhappy customer review and businesses that don’t keep an eye on the ball. The company that works hard to maintain an excellent online business reputation also deeply cares ...
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admin_89 May 12, 2020

3 Quarantinis To Celebrate World Cocktail Day!

We’re not going let lockdown stop us celebrating this important day with a few of our favourite homemade cocktail recipes! Our Luxury Lifestyle Team share three of our favourite tipples. And yes, we know its mid-week so we’ve included a delicious non-alcoholic treat too! Vodka Vibes Easy to make, this cocktail is simple and sophisticated ...
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admin_89 May 13, 2020

How To Create The Perfect Website For Your Business

For many businesses, a website is the main or only ‘shop window’ to their company, so how can you create a website that is perfect for your business and your business needs? We recently spoke to Richard Pitt, Founder & Tech Head at Resknow, a website development and all-encompassing design agency for his advice on a ...
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admin_89 May 18, 2020

8 Tips For Building A Luxury Beauty Brand

Building a luxury beauty brand takes expertise. Our knowledgable Beauty PR Team share 8 tips for supercharging your beauty business or new beauty product launch.   Be Authentic Consumers are savvy. Some consumers will do extensive research before swapping from their coveted brands to a new brand, so it’s essential to be honest and remain ...
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admin_89 May 25, 2020

How To Welcome Back & Retain Your Beauty Clients

As the beauty industry gets set to reopen after the lockdown, our Beauty PR Team shares their thoughts and tips on welcoming back your beauty clients. A Waiting Game No doubt, many of you will already have a full and waiting list with clients eager to return for your services. However, long term client retention ...
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admin_89 June 3, 2020

How To Plan Your Luxury Brand Launch

Whether you are launching a Luxury Beauty Brand or a Luxury Product Event or Service, how you position your brand will mean the difference between success and failure. Our Luxury Lifestyle Team discuss how to perfect your luxury brand launch.   Go Bespoke Luxury should mean individuality. If you are planning to launch a luxury ...
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admin_89 June 8, 2020

Why Owning A Dog Is Good For Your Health

As pet lovers, the MirrorMePR Canine PR Team own a few, but dogs come at the top of the list for our Team. Here are some compelling reasons for sharing your life with a dog (and we agree with them all!)   Dogs Make You Exercise You know those days when you just can’t be ...
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admin_89 June 15, 2020

Self-Care Tips To Keep You Looking Great At Home 

If gorgeous hair, on point nails and the return of full, long lashes still seems like they might be a lifetime away, then our Beauty PR Team’s DIY pamper tips for self-care that should get you through the next few weeks.   Step Away From The Hair Dye If you aren’t sure anymore if you ...
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admin_89 June 19, 2020

5 Tips To Supercharge Your SEO

Tags SEO
In this business blog, our Social Media Marketing Team shares 5 tips that will supercharge your SEO today. Our team of skilled SEO experts, qualified journalists and copywriting experts work alongside website developers. This ensures that our client’s websites have the edge on their competitors. These are our tips for creating an awesome visitor experience ...
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admin_89 June 24, 2020

6 Hot Make-Up Trends For Autumn, You Can Perfect Now

The Beauty PR Team love make-up, and when it comes to perfect beauty trends, we have our fashionable fingers on the pulse. In this beauty journal, we share 6 of our favourite make-up trends for autumn, which you can experiment with now. Retro Hollywood Winged black eyeliner is back. Armed with a steady hand and ...
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admin_89 July 6, 2020

The Best Eco-Friendly Pet Products That Your Dog Will Love

Our Pet PR Team has handpicked a few of the best eco-friendly pet products we love, by small independent designers and businesses. Eco-Dog Collars Oonalfie is a beautiful British dog accessories brand, proudly designed and made here in the UK. They champion non-toxic materials with an emphasis on creating quality products that will stand the test ...
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admin_89 July 20, 2020

9 Cruelty-Free Beauty Products You Need To Try

Our Beauty PR Team have picked out a few of their favourite cruelty-free beauty products  that you, your skin and hair will love from head to toe.   Lush Locks For luscious locks, we adore Maria Nila. Their sulphate and paraben-free True Soft Shampoo is also vegan and incorporates a colour protection complex. Their Sheer ...
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admin_89 July 27, 2020

5 Of Our Favourite Pro Schooling Exercises To Try With Your Horse

Need some inspiration for your flatwork this season? Our Equine Marketing Team asked our client’s professional riders for some pro schooling exercises to try with your horse. Designed to keep you, and your horse focused, here are 5 of our favourite exercises…   Testing Times If the thought of going out to a dressage competition ...
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admin_89 August 3, 2020

3 Ways To Make Your Home Look More Luxurious

Our Luxury Lifestyle PR Team share their top three tips for creating a more luxurious home environment.   Colour Me Beautifully   Colour can have such a significant impact on mood, especially in the home. Choosing colours for the home can transform a space from boring to beautiful in one lick of paint. Choose a ...
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admin_89 August 10, 2020

8 Anti-Aging Foods You Should Include In Your Diet

If your bathroom cabinet is bursting with beauty lotions, potions and creams, then our Beauty PR Team shares 8 of their favourite foods to help you continue the battle against anti-aging with a few choice ingredients from your kitchen cupboard.   Berry Nice Raspberries, strawberries, blackberries, blueberries, goji berries (You get the berry theme here) ...
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admin_89 August 17, 2020

How To Prepare Your Horse For Your First Competition

Whether you have a new partnership with an older horse or you have a youngster you are planning to compete, our Equine Marketing Team shares their top tips for a positive first competition outing.   Plan Ahead Planning ahead for your first outing is imperative. Having a competition month or date in mind is great ...
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admin_89 August 24, 2020

3 Tips To Amplify Your Website Content

 Our Social Media Marketing Team are well versed in website content creation for our social media clients. In this blog, we share our top tips to amplify website content that converts.   Add Value To Your Website   When we are thinking about client blog content, we don’t just magic up ideas. We do our ...
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admin_89 August 31, 2020

10 Things Everyone Should Know Before Buying Their First Horse

As long term horse owners, our Equine Marketing Team looks back with fondness at the things we didn’t know before buying our first horse. From your wardrobe through to your shoes, everything changes when you buy your first equine friend.    Welcome to your first horse ownership with our short, tongue in cheek guide!   ...
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admin_89 September 7, 2020

5 Beauty Influencers We’re Following

Looking for beauty inspo for your Insta feed, exceptional beauty tips and tricks or tutorials that will transform your look? Our Beauty PR Team work with so many fantastic beauty editors, journalists and experts. In this blog, we share 5 beauty influencers that we think you’ll be thrilled to discover.   The Treatment Tester  Gina ...
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admin_89 September 14, 2020

6 Of The Best Places To Visit In The UK

With #TourismDay this month, we share the best places to visit in the UK and the best hotels to enjoy this autumn.   LONDON London is our home and our passion, so the capital has to sit with our number 1 slot of the best places to visit! With such a wide variety of tourist ...
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admin_89 September 21, 2020

How To Become A More Confident Rider

Becoming a more confident rider doesn’t happen overnight. Confidence in the saddle and around your horse on the ground takes time. For expert advice and tips, our Equine Marketing Team spoke to Amanda Kirkland-Page, Founder of The Confident Horse Rider. Amanda is an International Confidence Coach working with horse riders of all levels, so who ...
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admin_89 September 28, 2020

Why Obsessing Over Your Competition Can Damage Your Brand

Keeping an eye on the competition should be part of your brand strategy. Our Social Media Marketing Team shares their thoughts on competitor scrutiny and how too much obsessing over your competition can damage your brand.   Know Your Competition Knowing your competition is essential for any brand or business. Take time to acknowledge who ...
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admin_89 October 5, 2020

How To Plant A Beautiful Window Box

Whether you live in an urban apartment or country house, window boxes are the perfect way to plant up some gorgeous colour that you can enjoy all year round, whatever the season. In this blog, our Countryside PR Team share their tips and inspiration for planting up your window boxes. The Perfect Window Box If ...
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admin_89 April 27, 2020

The Ultimate Guide To A Horse’s Healthy Coat

As absolute horse lovers and dedicated horse owners, the MirrorMePR Equestrian PR Team share their insider top tips for maintaining your horse’s coat and tips for keeping your horses’ skin and coat healthy and looking great all year around.   A Brush With Success Apart from feeding, brushing your horses’ coat regular, really does help promote ...
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admin_89 July 13, 2020

6 Things You Can Do Today To Help The Planet

To celebrate our beautiful planet on #EarthDay, our Lifestyle PR Team discuss how you can make a difference and do your bit for our planet. We share ‘easy to adopt’ habits that will change the way you live for the better.   Avoid Buying Products That Harm Planet Earth From mass-produced palm-oil through to corrosive ...
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admin_89 April 20, 2020

Equestrian Lockdown: Expectations Vs Reality

Our Equestrian Marketing Team take a light-hearted look at what lockdown has meant for them. Did our equestrian experts’ expectations match up to their self-isolation reality… err no! Expectation Now I’m not riding, I’m going to exercise everyday. Reality Week 3 of lockdown: Still laid on sofa eating chocolate.     Expectation I’m going to ...
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admin_89 April 13, 2020

The Best Lockdown Countryside Virtual Experiences You Can Have Right Now

With lockdown meaning we’re unable to enjoy the freedom to explore our beautiful British countryside, our Countryside PR & Marketing Team, have searched out the very best virtual countryside experiences for your front room viewing pleasure. Badger Cam Yes, you can settle down on the sofa this evening and watch some live badger action with ...
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admin_89 April 11, 2020

The Ultimate Fitness Routine To Improve Your Rider Fitness You Can Do In Less Than 15 minutes

We might be in lockdown, but for equestrians keen to retain their fitness in the saddle, we asked celebrity PT, Lisa Bradburn (pictured), for her exclusive 15-minute rider fitness programme you can do from home. This Exercise Routine Focuses On Legs strength, balance and core. Level: From Basic To Intermediate. What You’ll Need: Water to ...
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admin_89 April 10, 2020

The Secret To Award-Winning Pet Photography

To celebrate #nationalpetday, our Pet Brand Marketing Team spoke to British Award-Winning Equine & Pet Portrait Photographer, Karen Bennett to find out why pet photography is her passion, and why her Springador/Labradinger dog, Bugsy is the secret behind her success.   Karen is a full-time professional equine and pet photographer. Following a Photography Diploma with the ...
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admin_89 April 6, 2020

A Dummies Guide To Dressage Online

As a rider, you may have already heard about online dressage competitions. Discover the: who, how, why, where and what’s, as our Equestrian PR Team speak to Ruth Chappell, Co-Founder & Co-Owner of online dressage portal, Dressage Anywhere for a ‘Dummies Guide To Competing In Dressage Online’.   WHO   Who Are Your Judges? We have 52 ...
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admin_89 April 1, 2020

The Next Big Thing In DIY Beauty Lockdown

  With lockdown a reality, your regular beauty salon treatments are a thing of the past (for now). For those of us who are still battling peeling nail varnish, spot breakouts, roots so long that we can’t decide if we are blonde or brunette anymore, there is hope in the name of Do It Yourself ...
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admin_89 March 31, 2020

11 Productive Things You Can Do To Your April Garden During Lock Down

With spring officially here, use your time at home during lockdown to be productive in the garden this April. Focus on your garden, get some exercise and enjoy the benefits come this summer.   Purchase some seeds online. From flowers to vegetables, get growing and reap the rewards of full vases and plates in weeks ...
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admin_89 March 30, 2020

5 Reasons Why Your Business Needs To Be Seen During COVID-19

We appreciate how frightening it is for business owners right now and the uncertainty surrounding the Coronavirus and the long term impact that is unknown and undoubtedly troubling. So, what should you do? Shut up shop and go underground? NO! And this is why…   More Eyeballs On Your Brand With the complete lockdown, more ...
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admin_89 March 28, 2020

Are Your Social Media Habits Taking A Stroll Or Sprinting Ahead?

This month is #GreatOutdoorsMonth. As an experienced PR & Social Media Marketing Agency , we ‘walk’ you through the reasons why your social media habits and practices should be far from a leisurely stroll in a fast paced world.   Pick Up The Pace Social Media is an ever-changing landscape, so if you don’t have the ...
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admin_89 June 4, 2020

How To Create Delicious Dishes With A Few Simple Ingredients

Getting creative with home cooked food during lockdown might feel overwhelming if you’re not a natural in the kitchen. We’ve asked our Team to share a few of their ingredients currently in their kitchen cupboards and put these to our restaurant clients, Award-Winning Eatery the Orpington, for some suggestions on how we can create something ...
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admin_89 March 26, 2020

6 Tips On How To Be Productive During Self-Isolation

Being unable to plan ahead can not only make you feel unmotivated, but also challenge your attempts to maintain a positive state of mind. Add self-isolation, worry and uncertainty about the future, and it can make for a challenging time. Our Lifestyle Team share six of our top tips for remaining productive and positive during ...
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admin_89 March 25, 2020

8 Simple Steps To Stunning Social Media Customer Care 

Our Social Media Marketing Team are the experts in handling client’s social media channels. In this journal, they share their top tips for ensuring your social media customer care is outstanding.    Be Reactive If a customer came into your brick and mortar shop and commented on one of your products, asked a question or ...
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admin_89 March 20, 2020

6 Ways An Equestrian Can Be Competition Ready Without Leaving The Yard During The Coronavirus Outbreak

* Please follow the latest updated government information which is changing daily, since this blog was written. With the Coronavirus affecting the British Dressage, British Eventing & British Showjumping competition calendar, our Equestrian PR Team share their top tips for helping you to keep your competition mojo when we can’t go out and compete. Stay ...
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admin_89 March 18, 2020

5 Tips To Help Future Proof Your Business

With uncertain times ahead, our Award-Winning PR & Social Media Marketing Team share their top 5 tips for staying sane and proactive during the Coronavirus crisis.   Don’t Panic. Sounds simple and we know it’s not easy when all around you is chaos. Now is the time that you need to think logically and calmly ...
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admin_89 March 17, 2020

The Top 10 Best Luxury Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

If flowers, chocolates and a set menu at lunch just don’t cut it this Mother’s Day, the MirrorMePR Luxury Lifestyle PR Team has come up with a few luxury ideas that will delight mum on this special day.   Craftwork Homemade doesn’t have to mean skimping on luxury Getting crafty is a wonderful way to ...
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admin_89 March 16, 2020

Why Your Brand Needs A Strong Social Media Presence More Than Ever

With the Coronavirus affecting many businesses, we discuss why your brand needs a solid social media presence more than ever before. Your social media channels are some of your most robust lines of marketing communication for your business, so what should you be reviewing and doing right now? Keep Your Customers Informed Regardless of how ...
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admin_89 March 15, 2020

How To Transform Your Dog Into An Instagram Star!

The MirrorMe Canine PR Team adore dogs, and our beloved pooches regularly feature across our social channels as a result!  We also work with ‘doggy influencers’ across our various brands. So, what do we look for in a doggie brand ambassador, and how can your fur friend become ‘Insta Famous’?   Sniff Out The Right ...
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admin_89 March 9, 2020

Are You Impressed By A Huge Instagram Account Following?

Recently we’ve been talking to brands seeking social media PR & marketing support. On first glance, some of their Instagram account follower figures might look impressive: 10K plus and upwards. However, as we start to delve deeper, we can see that the engagement levels are lower than anticipated for the number of followers (although, engagement ...
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admin_89 March 2, 2020

The Ultimate Guide To The Best Eco-Conscious Spas In The UK

The 25th February is ‘World Spa Day’ and how better to celebrate both your well-being and care for the planet with a selection of the best eco spas we have discovered here in the UK….   The MirrorMePR Luxury PR Team love a spa day, but they also love the planet. Here are our top ...
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admin_89 February 23, 2020

What Makes A Winning Equestrian Blog?

Want to discover what makes an Award winning equestrian blog or vlog? Then read on, as our Team explain what the Judges of the Countryside & Equestrian Blog Awards look for in a winning entry. As the leaders in Equestrian PR & Social Media Marketing, we have a wealth of experience working with brands and ...
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admin_89 February 18, 2020

7 Of The Best Wine-Tasting Events In London

Tags Wine
  The 18th of February is ‘Drink Wine Day’, so how better to celebrate than with a fantastic wine tasting experience in London? In this blog, our Lifestyle PR Team share a few of their favourite wine tasting days.   Berry Bro’s & Rudd offer wine tutorials or walkaround wine tours at their Pall Mall location. ...
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admin_89 February 17, 2020

5 Things You Should Consider Before Buying A Pair Of Riding Boots

Leather riding boots are a significant investment for riders. Choosing the right pair will mean you’ll have years of wear ahead. The Equestrian PR Team share their advice and tips for selecting the best leather riding boots.   1.Fancy Or Functional Whether it’s moc croc, crystal-encrusted or lace-up, think carefully on your choice of riding ...
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admin_89 February 11, 2020

 How To Get Fantastic Reviews For Your Business

Reviews are a lifeline to your business. Fantastic reviews can make a business, and bad reviews can have the opposite effect. But how do you encourage your customers to leave a review for you? A whopping 89% of the population use web search engines to make purchase decisions! In this blog, our PR team share ...
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admin_89 February 4, 2020

A Complete Guide To Spending Valentine’s Day In London

Show them how much you love them with these brilliant Valentine’s Day treats courtesy of our Luxury Lifestyle PR Team’s suggestions. And if you’re bored of the flowers, chocolates and dinner route, we’ve got some unique Valentine’s Day experiences they’ll adore! Laughter & Love How about a Valentine’s Day Stand-Up Comedy experience in Leicester Square? ...
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admin_89 February 4, 2020

8 Beauty Trends For 2020

In this blog, our Beauty PR Team share their top 8 beauty trends for 2020, highlighting some of the key beauty industry trends we will be championing in our own bathroom cabinets this year. 2019 was undoubtedly a year of continued change in the beauty industry and 2020 is set to make even more impact! ...
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admin_89 January 31, 2020

How To Develop Your Beauty Brand Or Business In 6 Easy Steps

Whether you are a small beauty start-up or a successful beauty brand or business growing with gusto, develop your beauty business with skill. Our Beauty PR have a wealth of experience in beauty consultancy and wellness brand PR management, so who better to ask!   Be Consistent Ensure that your brand is consistent across all mediums. ...
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admin_89 January 28, 2020

Beat Those January Blues With These Awesome Outdoor Ideas

  Blow away those cobwebs and January blues and get out into the great British outdoors with these awesome activities, handpicked by our Country PR Team    Go Wild Don’t wait until the summer months to discover the countryside. This time of year offers the perfect opportunity to try out new walks without the crowds. ...
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admin_89 January 23, 2020

The Ultimate Guide To The Perfect Riding Kit

Whether you have a long-standing love affair with horses or are about to sit in the saddle, choosing the perfect riding kit will make the difference to your comfort, safety and enjoyment horse riding. In this feature, our Equestrian Marketing Team shares their  top tips for choosing your perfect riding kit in this ultimate guide. ...
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admin_89 January 20, 2020

How To Choose The Best Foods For Your Pet

Just as the emphasis on eating healthily is very much part of our culture, how do you choose the best pet food? Pet food has also come under much scrutiny in recent years and selecting the best food for your pet with so much choice out there can be tricky. Our Pet PR Team share ...
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admin_89 January 15, 2020

6 Social Media Trends We Are Predicting For 2020

As we kickstart 2020, our Social Media Marketing Team share their thoughts on the significant trends we think brands and businesses will see in 2020.   Reach Will Continue To Drop Facebook has continued to become a ‘pay to play’ platform as organic reach continues to drop, and the need for ad spend becoming essential ...
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admin_89 January 9, 2020

Puissance Perfection!

Puissance Perfection! Our favourite event at this time of year is the Olympia International Horse Show and Olympia wouldn’t be Olympia without the Puissance, where horse and rider have to jump a ‘big red wall’. The wall, made up of wood ‘bricks’ is put up time and time again to epic heights until the combination that ...
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admin_89 December 12, 2019

What Makes A Luxury Brand?

What makes a brand ‘luxury’ and what is the definition of luxury? Defining luxury isn’t as simple as it first seems, and what appears to mean ‘luxury’ to one person, maybe different for another. One aspect when defining luxury, which we can all agree on is that it embodies a service or product which offers ...
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admin_89 December 2, 2019

12 Tips For A Dog-Friendly Garden This Winter

We love our dogs but keeping your dog-friendly Garden (and home) nice, clean and tidy throughout the winter months can be a challenge with all that mud and wet. In this blog, our Pet PR Team share their top tips for a dog-friendly garden we can all enjoy this season.   Mud Glorious Mud As much ...
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admin_89 November 25, 2019

10 Games That You & Your Dog Will Love

Playing games with your dog is not only great for bonding with your fur baby but can also allow you to have fun together and even incorporate some training elements into playtime. Our Canine PR Team have picked their favourite top 10 games to get your dog’s tail wagging.   1. Hide & Seek Our dogs ...
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admin_89 November 11, 2019

Road Safety This Winter

Sadly, for most riders, the reality of going on a hack now involves having to ride on the road, so what can you do as a rider to help prevent you ending up as an accident statistic? To co-inside with #roadsafetyweek, our Equine PR Team asked our clients, Golly Galoshes, the versatile fluorescent equine gaiter ...
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admin_89 November 4, 2019

What Is Beauty PR?

Beauty PR is public relations which promote beauty products. Beauty products range from mascara, blusher, foundation, through to face and body creams and moisturisers and everything else in between. Public Relations introduces products and brands to the consumer through traditional print media (magazines and newspapers) as well as online media, TV, film and radio. Social ...
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admin_89 October 31, 2019

What The Best PR Companies In The UK Know (That You Don’t!)

As an award-winning PR Agency, the MirrorMePR Team love to keep our clients and journalists happy. In this blog, we share some of our insider top tips on how to spot a brilliant PR Agency and share what the best PR companies know that you don’t.   Self-Promotion Is Good (In Small Doses) Every PR Agency ...
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admin_89 October 28, 2019

An Exciting Conclusion To The Equestrian Blogger/Vlogger Awards

The 2019 Equestrian Blogger/Vlogger Of The Year Awards finished on a high note with two vloggers and one blogger taking titles in these prestigious Awards. The Awards, hosted by Equestrian PR Agency MirrorMePR, in association with Blogging Portal, Hay-Net, received their highest ever number of votes collectively from across the UK, Europe and the USA. ...
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admin_89 October 24, 2019

How Equine PR & Marketing Can Help Your Equestrian Brand

Why do equestrian brands choose to appoint a professional Equine PR & Marketing Agency? Equine businesses choose to appoint an Equine PR & Marketing Agency for a variety of reasons; The two most common reasons are:   They want to focus on their personal strengths to help their business grow   OR   They want ...
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admin_89 October 21, 2019

How To Keep Your Pet Safe At Halloween Time

Halloween can be a pretty scary time for your pet. Our Pet PR Team share their top tips on how to keep your pet safe at Halloween time in this blog.   Halloween Treats Or Treat(ment) For Your Pets? Keep your human Halloween treats well out of reach of your dog. Otherwise, you could be ...
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admin_89 October 14, 2019

I’m In The Mood For Dancing

If a summer of festivals and parties has put you in the dancing mood, there’s no reason why you can’t find a dancing partner in your horse this autumn and beyond. In this exclusive feature, our equestrian PR team spoke to Amanda Birch, Dressage To Music Choreographer and Music Arranger at Amanda Birch Dressage music ...
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admin_89 October 7, 2019

Why Tweed Is Always In Fashion

As we celebrate #woolweek from 7th October – 20th October 2019, the MirrorMePR Luxury Lifestyle PR Team take a closer look at why Tweed is always in fashion and why this heritage fabric has stood the test of time.   From Humble Beginnings To Royalty Tweed was traditionally cloth woven from pure virgin wool and ...
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admin_89 October 3, 2019

How To Create 4 Different Looks With One Scarf

In this third in our series, our Country PR Team and our MD Ashley Rossiter explain how to create four fantastic looks from one key piece of clothing. In this blog, our former fashion and celebrity stylist MD and the team take the BHOID Covey Scarf and show you four ways to wear it this ...
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admin_89 September 16, 2019

Celebrate #CountryInnBedBreakfastDay With These Beautiful Luxury Countryside Inns

October features #CountryInnBedBreakfastDay and our Country Brands PR Team have handpicked some of their favourite Bed & Breakfasts in the UK to tempt you this autumn;   The Cott Inn, Totnes, Devon This beautiful thatched inn has been welcoming tired travellers since 1320AD.  Combining boutique-style decor to their rooms, The Cott Inn combines its reputation ...
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admin_89 September 30, 2019

How To Create 4 Different Looks With One Pair Of Boots

In this fourth and final in our series, our Fashion PR Team share their expert style advice to help you create four fantastic looks from one pair of boots. In this blog, we take the Yull Chepstow Boots and show you four ways to wear it this autumn/winter.   About The Boots The Yull Chepstow ...
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admin_89 September 23, 2019

How To Create 4 Different Looks With One Jacket

In this second blog in our series, our Lifestyle PR Team and our MD Ashley Rossiter, a former fashion and celebrity stylist show you how to create four fantastic looks from one key piece of clothing. In this blog, our luxury PR team have taken the Timothy Foxx Trinity Jacket and show you four ways ...
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admin_89 September 9, 2019

Heading To HOYS? Read Our Tips On What To Watch, See & Do

October can only mean two things for equestrians; time to clip your fluffy horse and a trip to Horse Of The Year Show. As the experts on getting the most out of attending an equestrian event and not in the art of clipping, our Equestrian PR Team choose to chat HOYS over hairy ponies and ...
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admin_89 September 4, 2019

How To Create 4 Different Looks With One Key Piece

In this series, our Luxury PR Team headed up by our MD Ashley Rossiter, former fashion and celebrity stylist show how you can work one piece of quality clothing and create numerous looks with a clever accessorising and a careful choice of clothing partners.  As a leading lifestyle London PR agency, we’re fortunate to represent some exciting ...
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admin_89 September 2, 2019

Why Your Website’s Blog Content Is So Important

As part of our client service, we write a tremendous amount of blog content for our brands, even for those that don’t sell directly to the consumer. So why do we offer blog writing services and what makes for great blog content? Our London PR Team explain why your website’s blog content is so important. ...
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admin_89 August 26, 2019

The State Of Social Media

As experts in Social Media Marketing, our Team and clients appreciate the importance of a strong social media strategy, content and engagement. A recent study by The Manifest  surveyed a selection of social media users in the US to explore how they interact with brands, and their findings make for some interesting reading on the ...
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admin_89 August 22, 2019

8 Tips To Keep Your Dog Cool This Summer

As temperatures rise, the Canine PR Team share their top 8 tips for keeping your dog cool and comfortable this summer.   Breed & Age Matter Some breeds don’t cope with the heat very well and can be more prone to heatstroke than others. Short-nosed and thick-coated breeds are more susceptible to overheating. Breeds such ...
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admin_89 August 19, 2019

How To Throw Your Own Luxury Tea Party (That’s Insta Worthy)

If afternoon tea is everything to you, our Luxury PR Team hear you! We’ve put together our top tips for throwing the best afternoon tea party that will be the talk of the town, and a setting which will give you ‘Insta gold’!   It’s All About The Crockery Afternoon tea is all about tradition. ...
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admin_89 August 12, 2019

Why Your Brand Needs To Be Multi-Media

As a brand, you’ll undoubtedly have a presence on social media but are you limiting your brand by just appearing on one or two social media channels and just how many platforms should your brand or business feature? In this blog, our Social Media Marketing Team  share their thoughts on what makes a brand truly ...
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admin_89 August 5, 2019

Why Your English Country Garden Could Help Save The Planet

Whether your piece of paradise is a small patch of grass and a few tubs or acres of land, you can still make a difference to our planet, as our Country Lifestyle PR Team explain; Whether you have a small patio area in the city or acres of land in the countryside, you can still ...
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admin_89 July 29, 2019

What Is Cornerstone Content & Why Do I Need It On My Website?

In this blog, our marketing team in London take a look at cornerstone content; what it means and how it can affect your SEO and website visitor experience.   Cornerstone Content Explained Cornerstone content is at the very heart of your website. It can be a blog post or even a page. It should be ...
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admin_89 July 22, 2019

The Best Luxury Breaks In The UK

Fancy a ‘staycation’ in the UK? If the idea of arriving at the airport 4 hours early at some unreasonable hour in the morning, long flight delays, not to mention the traffic to and from the airport, makes a long weekend break overseas seem less than appealing, then this blog is for you. Sit back ...
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admin_89 July 15, 2019

How To Prepare For The Perfect Picnic

To celebrate National Picnic Month, the Country PR Team share their top tips and advice for the enjoying the perfect picnic at the beach, park or evening proms this summer.   Pick The Perfect Spot Arriving early to your destination should help you beat the crowds and offer you the pick of the park or ...
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admin_89 July 8, 2019

What Businesses Need To Know About Facebook

Facebook is changing (again), and that means that there are more changes afoot. If you own a business Facebook page, you need to read this blog as we share the latest on what businesses need to know about Facebook!   So, What Happened? Facebook held its annual developer conference ‘F8’ in California in early May. ...
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admin_89 July 1, 2019

8 Country Activities That Are Perfect For Summer

Our Country PR Team love the magnificent British countryside, but even they have to admit they prefer the countryside in the summer! In this feature, we share eight country activities to enjoy in the sunshine this season.   Take A Picnic There is nothing sweeter than eating alfresco in the summer and taking a picnic ...
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admin_89 June 24, 2019

The Best Places To Take Afternoon Tea In London

It’s #nationalcreamteaday on 24th June and to celebrate this important day, our Luxury PR Team share their  top 10 spots in London to indulge in the fabulous tradition of taking afternoon tea!   Afternoon Tea At The Savoy Taking afternoon tea at the Savoy is a favourite with the team, and it has to be ...
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admin_89 June 17, 2019

The 6 Realities Of Owning A Pony As An Adult

You’re small enough to be able to ride a pony, so why bother with a horse – you said to yourself. The Equestrian PR Team  share their own experiences of riding and owning ponies in this light-hearted blog.   Here Today, Gone Tomorrow You forgot how nippy they are. Fantastic for mounted pony club games. ...
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admin_89 June 10, 2019

5 Reasons Cats Make Such Brilliant Companions

Our Pet PR Team love all animals and cats are certainly up there in our favourite animal list. The 4th of June is #HugYourCatDay, so here are our top 5 ‘purrfect’ reasons to love cats even more than you already do!   They Won’t Go Mad When Someone Rings Your Doorbell Dogs can be an excellent ...
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admin_89 June 4, 2019

10 Simple Ways You Can Save The Environment

As a country and equestrian PR agency, we care about the planet and with #WorldEnvironmentDay on 5th June, and we thought we’d share our top 10 tips and best practices to help make a difference.   Use Recyclable Bags. Get yourself a few big shopper bags that you can reuse time and time again, and ...
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admin_89 June 4, 2019

The Countryside & Equestrian Blog Awards Return With New Name & Exciting New Developments

  We are thrilled to announce that as long term sponsors of the Equestrian Blogger Of The Year Awards that the founders of the original awards, Haynet have invited us to take over running these prestigious awards. Of course, we jumped at the opportunity! Haynet will move forward separately with the Countryside Awards but we ...
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admin_89 June 3, 2019

How Owning A Pet Can Make You A Happier Person

Pet owners will unite in telling the world how owning a pet has enriched their lives. However, did you know that pets also have the potential to offer some fantastic mental and physical health benefits as well? Whether you are suffering from stress and anxiety or need to get some exercise and enjoy good company, ...
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admin_89 May 27, 2019

Why We All Need To Be Celebrating English Wine Week

With English Wine Week from 25th May – 2nd June, the MirrorMePR Luxury PR team raise a toast to the fabulous wine producers here in the UK in this blog and give you a taster for the why and where on celebrating our homegrown produce.   Championing British Wines With over 700 vineyards here in the ...
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admin_89 May 20, 2019

Luxury Days Out You Wish You Knew About

If the term ‘luxury’ sums up your mantra in life, then these days out and experiences should fill you with joy and inspiration! Handpicked by our Luxury Lifestyle PR & Social Media Marketing Team for your browsing delight… Discover Newmarket The historical home of horse racing, the Discover Newmarket Tour is a fantastic day out for anyone ...
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admin_89 May 13, 2019

11 Key Benefits To Living In The Countryside

We love the city and adore the countryside, but for our Country Brand PR & Marketing Team, their passion for rural life is evident as they share 11 key benefits of living in the countryside.   Grabbing a breath of fresh air is easy. OK, so you might inhale a few more of the less ...
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admin_89 May 6, 2019

Which Pet Is Best For Your Personality?

All pets require care and commitment but getting a pet that fits your lifestyle and personality is essential. Whether you’re active, laid-back or love a cuddle on the sofa, our pet PR team takes a look at points to consider when searching for the perfect pet. Take Time To Think About Your Lifestyle Taking on a ...
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admin_89 April 29, 2019

A Complete Guide To The Most Beautiful Villages In The UK

Whether you are looking for glorious a day out in the countryside or a wonderful weekend away, these beautiful villages are handpicked and recommended by the MirrorMePR country PR team.   Mousehole, Cornwall This ‘chocolate box perfect’ village is one of the team’s most favourite places to visit in the UK. Fresh fish and oysters ...
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admin_89 April 22, 2019

Why Does Everyone Love Bulldogs? Here’s Why!

We love dogs; we adore all dog breeds and sizes! But one kind we Brits are particularly fond of is the great British Bulldog. With national #BulldogsAreBeautifulDay on 21st April, our dog brand PR team take a look at why this dog breed is so revered.   I’m A Lover Not A Fighter The English ...
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admin_89 April 15, 2019

A Taste Of The Countryside In London

Looking for a taste of the countryside in the capital? We reveal our luxury lifestyle PR Team’s favourite places to eat, drink, escape and explore in London.   Escape Whether you work or live in London, sometimes you need to escape the hustle and bustle. Just a short train ride away to North Greenwich railway station you ...
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admin_89 April 8, 2019

How To Improve Your Dressage Scores Like A Pro

Are you looking to improve your dressage scores this season and channel your inner Charlotte Dujardin? In this blog, the Equestrian PR team speak to top professional dressage riders’ courtesy of our clients to ensure that you and your horse are in winning form.   Practice really does make perfect as we find out from one leading ...
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admin_89 April 1, 2019

6 Pet-Friendly Easter Breaks You’ll Love

With Easter looming, the MirrorMePR Pet PR Team share their top 5 pet-friendly Easter get-aways you can enjoy with your dog. Whether you are looking for a place for your pet to relax for a long weekend break or a wilderness escape, we’ve got some fantastic suggestions to get your tails wagging!    Cosy Cottage Looking ...
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admin_89 March 25, 2019

10 Of The Best Spas Near London

Need to get away from it all? We know THAT feeling well, especially at this time of year! Our Luxury PR Team have picked their top 10 favourite luxury spa’s in easy reach of London and perfect for a weekend pamper break in the countryside (Well, some of us really do have to work on ...
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admin_89 March 18, 2019

What To Wear At The Races

Whether you adore Royal Ascot, are crazy about the Cheltenham Festival or want to feel great at Goodwood Races, choosing the right outfit for race day is all part of the thrill. In this blog, the Luxury PR Team share their fashion advice and tips alongside three experts in the world of race day glamour.   Best Foot ...
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admin_89 March 8, 2019

How To Create The Ultimate Country Garden (Even If You Live In The City)

Whether you have a balcony, patio or substantial green space to play with, we share our top tips for creating your very own countryside retreat this spring ready for summer. Read on to discover how you can create the ultimate country garden. Naturally Beautiful Creating structure using natural materials is also a beautiful way to ...
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admin_89 March 7, 2019

Why Instagram Is More Than Just A Pretty Picture

If you thought Instagram was all about the imagery, you’d be around 70% right. However, successful social media is so much more than just creating beautiful images which compel and excite. In this blog, the MirrorMePR Social Media Marketing Team take a look at Instagram. Why Should I Have Instagram? Whether you are a small start-up ...
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admin_89 February 25, 2019

Luxury Riding Holidays You’ll Want To Try

Fancy galloping bareback on a sandy beach and swimming on horseback in the sea, or watching the sunrise on safari? The equestrian PR team have cherry-picked their favourite destinations, combining luxury and horse riding in fantastic settings. So, here are our dream luxury riding holidays! South Africa What could be more exciting than seeing elephants, ...
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admin_89 February 18, 2019

The Luxury Home Trends You’ll See This Year

Your wardrobe might be ‘on trend’ but what about your home? Fashionable homes are getting a luxury makeover for 2019, and our luxury PR team think that it looks gorgeous! We spoke to our client, Steph Briggs, interior design guru and founder of the fabulous gifts and interiors emporium, La Di Da Interiors, for her top ...
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admin_89 February 11, 2019

The Best Dog-Friendly Festivals For 2019

We love a day out with our dogs, and the MirrorMePR pet PR team are happy to find any excuse to take our fur babies along with us. In this blog, we take a look at dog-friendly festivals that will have you both barking with joy!   Mutts & Music If your dog shares your love ...
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admin_89 February 4, 2019

Planning The Perfect Country Wedding

Here at MirrorMePR, we love a wedding – especially a country wedding. Our countryside PR team picked our favourite items to ensure your day is planned to perfection with these stylish additions.   The Tweed Wedding Dress It’s well known that tweed is the choice of country fashion fans, but a tweed wedding dress takes ...
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admin_89 January 28, 2019

How To Write An Award-Winning Equestrian Blog

If blogging and horses are your passion, then you already have a winning formula. As co-judges on the annual Equestrian Blog Awards, created by blogger portal Haynet, the MirrorMePR equestrian PR team  certainly know what makes a winning equestrian blog. In this blog, we share our top tips for creating a stand out equestrian blog that ...
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admin_89 January 21, 2019

5 Things To Consider Before Approaching An Influencer

Our team are well versed in approaching influencers and negotiating opportunities. Our MD comes from a fashion background which saw her instigating collaborations well before the term ‘influencer marketing’ was king.  In this blog, the MirrorMePR Social Media Marketing Team share our advice on best practice before you approach an influencer. Do Your Research First, you ...
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admin_89 January 14, 2019

What To Look For In Your Equestrian PR & Marketing Agency

With so many Equestrian PR & Marketing Agencies out there, choosing the right fit for your product or your brand can be difficult. In this blog, our team share their thoughts to help guide you in selecting the right Equestrian PR Agency for your equestrian business.   Knowledge Is Power Choosing an Equine PR Marketing ...
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admin_89 January 7, 2019

The Perfect Saddle Fit

When it comes to bespoke saddles and saddle fitting, the MirrorMePR equine team really do have an expert on their books with Childéric Saddles as a client. In this blog, we hand over to Childéric UK’s expert saddle technician Tricia Bracegirdle who shares her advice on common saddle fitting problems.   “It’s not just top professionals ...
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admin_89 January 2, 2019

5 Amazing Things To Do In London This January

Photo By Jo Monck   Make January count when it comes to the fun factor. The MirrorMePR Lifestyle Team have come up with their top  5 things to do in London this month, and we think they’ll bring you plenty of joy!   GO GET SOME CARNIVAL VIBES Instead of sofa surfing this New Year’s ...
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admin_89 December 28, 2018

What Is Digital Marketing & How Does It Work?

Digital marketing is any marketing that uses an electronic device or the internet. How Digital Marketing works is that it covers everything from search engines, email marketing, website and social media. Having a strong digital marketing strategy in place is important for any brand, regardless of size.   Why Is Digital Marketing Important? Digital marketing ...
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admin_89 December 17, 2018

Our Top 5 Favourite Christmas Inspired Cocktails

It’s beginning to feel a lot like Christmas here at MirrorMePR, so what better way to kick start that those fabulous festive vibes than a few Christmas inspired cocktails?   1. The Mulled Wine Cocktail – Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without mulled wine and a cocktail based on this Christmas classic. Perfect! You’ll need: 100g/4oz light ...
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admin_89 December 11, 2018

How To Run Your Equestrian Social Media Channels Perfectly

Want to know how to run your equestrian social media channels perfectly?Equestrian social media channels are an awesome way to help promote and sell your equestrian brand story and your equestrian products or services. In this equine business blog, the MirrorMePR Equestrian Social Media Team share their top 5 tips to help transform your equestrian social channels.   ...
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admin_89 December 3, 2018

4 Great Winter Events You Won’t Want To Miss Out On

As Christmas draws ever nearer, the MirrorMePR lifestyle PR team take a look at a few of our favourite outings this winter. Whether you love food, watching a Shetland Pony Grand National (yes there is such a thing!) or just having fun, wrap up warm and head out to discover these fantastic events this winter. 1. ...
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admin_89 November 26, 2018

Tips For Getting Fit In A Winter Wonderland

OK, we know. The idea of getting fit outdoors during the winter months can seem to to be less than appealing when it’s teaming it down with rain or the temperature is in single figures. However, the MirrorMePR country PR team have some great tips to convince you to get outside and get fit: Wearing ...
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admin_89 November 19, 2018

5 Amazing Equestrian Products You’ll Want For Christmas

Looking for the perfect gift for the discerning equestrian? The MirrorMePR equine PR team picked out their top 5 favourite presents they want Santa to leave them under the Christmas tree (please): The Ultimate Grooming Kit Whether you compete or ride for pleasure, grooming is an essential part of your everyday routine, and the Renwick ...
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admin_89 November 13, 2018

Be ‘Ginspired’ With Our Top 11 Gifts For Gin Lovers

Gin has had a long history, spanning decades here in the UK, but its revival in recent years has seen the very traditional tipple skyrocket in popularity! So, for all those gin lovers out there, the MirrorMePR lifestyle PR team have picked a few of their favourite ‘Ginspired’ treats… 1. ‘Let The Weekend be Gin’ Sign  The ...
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admin_89 November 5, 2018

5 Style Trends You Won’t Want To Miss

The Luxury PR Team, here at MirrorMePR, have picked 5 of our favourite fashion trends to cover this winter (and yes, they are wearable!) Metallics We confess, we love anything that shines, so this trend is one we’ll be wearing! Choose the  Sylvia Kerr Jewellery Blenheim Collection to add that slash of silver to your ...
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admin_89 October 29, 2018

Combining a Passion For Photography, Fashion & Horses to Start a Career

Love horses and love photography? As a country PR company, we definitely do! We spoke to the fabulous US based photographer Heidi Niemala who has managed to combine her passion with both, to forge a hugely successful career path, photographing models (horse and human) in her stunning fashion shoots. The creative MirrorMePR Team here are big ...
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admin_89 October 23, 2018

Grabbing Festive Focus this Christmas!

When you’ve been planning your client’s Christmas campaigns since May, you can become a little jaded before consumer Christmas ‘officially’ starts, especially when working on Luxury PR campaigns!   But what if you haven’t even thought about your Christmas activity yet as a brand?   Yeeks.   Take a deep breath and read on as ...
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admin_89 October 22, 2018

Grooming Essentials For Your Horse

As winter takes hold, the endless cycle of tackling mud and stable stains begins. In this blog, the MirrorMePR equine team take a look at the grooming essentials that you and your horse need to stay clean whatever the weather!   Quality Over Quantity Choosing your grooming tools carefully, with performance and efficiency in mind, will ...
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admin_89 October 15, 2018

5 Luxury Products You Need In Your Life

Whether you plan to pamper your pet, your home or yourself, here’s a selection of 5 luxury products, put together by the MirrorMePR team, that you need in your life – well, the ones that we would quite like, anyway.   A Truly Unique Piece Of Designer Furniture   As well as a daily visit ...
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admin_89 October 9, 2018

The Marketing Trends You Need to Know About

As a luxury PR team, we understand how important it is to keep up-to-date in the ever-evolving world of marketing and PR. Here at MirrorMePR, we ensure that our brands are always ahead of the competition, and the same applies to our approach of influencer marketing opportunities and relationships. In this blog, we discuss the ...
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admin_89 October 3, 2018

7 Spring/Summer Trends You Can So Wear Right Now

The MirrorMePR luxury PR Team like to keep one foot in the fashion arena, and London Fashion Week is home-from-home for our MD –  a former fashion and celebrity stylist. So, which spring/summer 2019 trends are we loving and going to be wearing?   Suits Whether you wear yours fitted, oversized or with a hint of retro ...
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admin_89 September 27, 2018

A Complete Guide To Enjoying The Countryside

  At MirrorMePR, we are fortunate enough to have some beautiful countryside right on the doorstep of our luxury PR offices. So, what tips can we offer for enjoying the countryside? In this blog, the MirrorMePR Country PR Team look at how you can venture out into the fields, hills, and forests this summer and ...
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admin_89 July 9, 2018

6 Top Tips For Keeping Your Horse Cool This Summer

Whether you’re riding in the sunshine at home or planning a busy summer competing with your horse, these are the Equine luxury PR team’s top 6 tips for keeping your horse cool and hydrated this summer. If you’re riding at home, make sure you ride early in the morning or later in the evening when ...
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admin_89 May 21, 2018

Horses Can Read Our Body Language

“Well, you don’t say?! ‘Horses Can Read Our Body Language’?” Knowledgeable equestrians will probably say after reading that title, stating that they’ve known this fact for years. However, The MirrorMe Equine PR London Team were still intrigued to read the new study showing that horses can tell the difference between dominant and submissive body postures ...
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admin_89 May 15, 2018

How To Run A Successful Business In 6 Simple Steps

It can be challenging for businesses to survive in an already overcrowded marketplace. According to a study by Ormsby Street, small business survival rates are as high as 91% after one year of trading. However, after five years just four out of ten small businesses will still be trading. Huge budgets might take the lion’s ...
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admin_89 May 8, 2018

How To Buy Your Ultimate Equestrian Home (And Yes, You May Need to Win the Lottery)

When it comes to finding the perfect equestrian home, the MirrorMe Equestrian Fashion PR Team might need to win the lottery in order to buy it. But if money was no object, what we would be looking for? Here are our top tips for finding the perfect equestrian home for you and your horses: Mother ...
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admin_89 April 30, 2018

Small Business Coaching & Consultation With Brilliance

  We get lots of enquiries from small businesses, many of whom have just started up or are only 12 months old. A large percentage of the time they want some guidance and advice, and we’re happy to help. However, very often we’ll feel that there is so much more we can do to help ...
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admin_89 April 25, 2018

Influencer Marketing Tips For Brands

  How you choose to integrate influencer marketing into your business depends largely on your understanding of what it means in the first place. These tips will make all the difference…   OK, so you’ve picked someone who has a huge social following, and that’s the most important thing right?   WRONG! Influencer marketing is ...
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admin_89 April 23, 2018

Royal Windsor Horse Show – What To See, Shop and Watch

Windsor isn’t just famous for the forthcoming wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan. Every year from May 9th – 13th the Royal Windsor Horse Show attracts equestrians from all over the country and abroad to compete at this prestigious royal show. As huge fans of the show, the MirrorMePR Luxury PR Team have picked a ...
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admin_89 April 23, 2018

8 Spring/Summer 2018 Trends You’ll Love Wearing

  Not sure which fashion trends to rock this summer? MirrorMe country PR have compiled a list of our favourite catwalk trends for this summer (and some you can even try in the saddle) Retro For those of us whose wardrobes still resemble the 1980’s, the great news is that it’s back on trend! Think ...
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admin_89 April 16, 2018

Royal Wedding Fever & What To Buy The Happy Couple

We love a Royal Wedding, in fact, any wedding!  Here are a few of our favourite wedding gift ideas for your favourite bride and groom from client’s, La Di Da Interiors   Right On Time This regal boutique clock rocks. Perfect for the kitchen or hallway, it’s classic stylish good looks complete with crown and ...
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admin_89 April 16, 2018

The Best Spots To Visit With Pets In London

  Experts in canine PR, the MirrorMePR Pet Team share their favourite places to visit with your pet in London… Hampstead Heath One of our favourite London green spaces for a proper dog walk! 790 acres of fabulous dog walking in the city. We love the sheer variety of greenery from woods, ponds and open spaces. ...
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admin_89 April 9, 2018

Could Riding Make Your Child Smarter?

As a professional company specialising in Equine Luxury PR, MirrorMe know how that riding can have many positive effects on your wellbeing. Below is yet another benefit to add to the ever growing list. The benefits of horse riding are far-reaching. From the physical benefits of participating in exercise and being out in the fresh ...
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admin_89 April 3, 2018

Why You Shouldn’t Buy Your Followers

  Your competitor brand has only been on social media for a few months, has only posted a handful of times, yet they now have 20K followers more than you on Instagram. How is that possible we hear you cry? Well, here at MirrorMe luxury PR, we think that unless they have a fantastic marketing ...
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admin_89 March 26, 2018

Fashion Has Gone to the Dogs

2018 is the Chinese ‘Year Of The Dog’, so what does that mean? Well, here at MirrorMe luxury UK PR, we’re pretty excited to see that fashion designers and clothing brands have taken our beloved canines as inspiration and introduced fashion that’s gone to the dogs (quite literally), as dog inspired fashion prints become big ...
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admin_89 March 19, 2018

Why Your Back Health Is Just As Important As Your Horse’s

  Here at MirrorMe equine PR London, we understand the importance of looking after yourself when horse riding, so we asked Dr Jason Gould of Chislehurst Chiropractic Clinic why looking after your own back is as important as caring about your horse’s spine. Having treated numerous horse riders, you need to put down that overloaded wheelbarrow ...
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admin_89 March 12, 2018

The Best Wellness And Fitness Retreats You Need To Experience

Looking for some serious rest and recuperation? The chance to recharge your batteries and feel revitalised and energised? Here at MMPR luxury PR London, we hear you! Read on for our favourite picks of the best wellness and fitness breaks for spring, which will help to help get you back on track after the indulgent ...
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admin_89 March 5, 2018

What To Wear To The Cheltenham Festival

  You’re ‘go to’ style guide on what to wear at the Cheltenham Festival next week … buy now, be warm and stay stylish. Taking the classic tweed poncho onto a seriously stylish new level is Timothy Foxx. Purveyors of the most fabulous tweed with a twist, their poncho collection is the perfect ‘easy to ...
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admin_89 March 4, 2018

Why Your Dog Needs Canine Fashion

If you thought canine fashion was just some fancy, frivolous fun, then it might be time to think again. Here at MirrorMe canine PR, we’ve looked into why you should invest in your dog’s wardrobe this winter. It’s Cold Outside Baby Just as we feel the cold, so do our canine friends. Factors such as ...
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admin_89 February 26, 2018

Why Owning A Pet Is Good For Your Health

They say that having an apple a day will keep the doctor away, but recent research has shown that owning a pet can considerably improve your health as you grow older, and as experts in Canine PR London, we wholeheartedly agree. So what benefits has all this research thrown light on? Well, the most obvious ...
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admin_89 February 25, 2018

What Makes Us The Experts In Equestrian PR

With over 30 years collective experience working in the equestrian sector, you could say we know our horses from our hounds and are experts in Equestrian PR! Founded as a solely Equestrian PR & Marketing Agency in 2011, we later developed to cover areas naturally in keeping with this lifestyle; country living, pets, and a ...
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admin_89 February 21, 2018


Everyone’s talking about it, and a lot of people are doing it (wrong) on social media. We’re talking ‘Social Etiquette’; the growing gripe that just isn’t going to go away. In this blog, the Social Media PR Team share their top tips for social media etiquette for 2019. JOIN IN THE CONVERSATION By all means, ...
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admin_89 February 12, 2018


The MirrorMePR Canine PR Team all adore their pooches; so as temperatures drop they share their top tips for keeping them safe, happy and warm this winter.   CUT THE TITBITS OUT If your dog is getting less exercise because of the bad weather, then remember to cut down his food! Just like us humans, ...
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admin_89 February 5, 2018

An Equestrian’s Top 5 Reasons To Love AND Hate Winter

  As horse riders and owners, the Equine PR team share their top 5 favourite things that they LOVE about the winter season…   Digging out our favourite winter warmers for both the horses and us!   Tucking our horses up in bed in a nice dry, cosy stable for the night.   Clear sunny days ...
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admin_89 January 26, 2018

The Best Dog Friendly Pubs In Surrey (we had to try)

The MirrorMePR Team certainly know their pup friendly pit stops around the UK and for those heading to Surrey, here are our top 5 best dog-friendly pubs, (Yes, we take our research work seriously)   Whenever we are catching up with clients, we love this ‘pup perfect’ pub. The Black Swan in Oakham is dog-friendly from ...
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admin_89 January 20, 2018

Is This The Death Of Facebook For Businesses?

With the yet another recent announcement from Facebook, this time from Mark Zuckerberg on their major move to prioritise ‘meaningful’ over ‘relevant’ content, this latest update is certainly going to have even more impact on the way businesses use Facebook. So is this the death of Facebook for businesses?   The MirrorMePR country PR Social ...
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admin_89 January 15, 2018

5 Tips For Making Your Brand Stand Out

How do you make your brand stand out? Throw loads of cash at it? Appoint a high profile celebrity to be ‘the face of’ or simply take a proper look at your business basics and see where improvements can be made to maximise your chances of being seen in all your fabulousness. Go forward and ...
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admin_89 January 7, 2018

What The Latest Facebook Update Means For You

As Facebook continues to remain a highly valuable platform with over 2.07 billion monthly active Facebook users worldwide (according to Facebook), MirrorMe luxury PR included, it’s too much of a significant channel for savvy marketers to ignore so as Facebook’s latest announcement that it will be penalising pages which use ‘Engagement Baiting’ on posts, what ...
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admin_89 January 2, 2018

Rustic Farmhouse Decor Ideas To Fall In Love With

The MirrorMePR Country PR Team like to take inspiration from the countryside and incorporate it into their homes. In this blog we are going to share with you, our top tips for transforming your urban flat or town house into a countryside retreat with a few of our favourite farmhouse touches (while looking uber stylish ...
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admin_89 December 28, 2017

Top Tips For Looking After Your Horse This Winter

With the winter months fast approaching, the MirrorMePR Equine PR Team give their top tips for coping with bad weather and fresh horses in this blog.   GET YOUR FEEDING RIGHT If you know a cold spell is forecast, then it’s better to cut down your horse’s food gradually rather than suddenly. Planning ahead isn’t ...
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admin_89 December 19, 2017

10 Tips For Keeping Your Dog Safe & Happy This Festive Season

  Keeping your dog safe and happy during the festive period is easy with the MirrorMePR Canine PR Team’s top 10 tips! 1. Chocolate is incredibly toxic to dogs, so don’t leave chocolate laying around on tables or under the Christmas tree. Wrapped or no wrapping, greedy dogs will chew through anything but a metal ...
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admin_89 December 15, 2017

Add Some Sparkle To Your Social This Christmas

In the build-up to the big day, how can you ensure your brand stands out from the stiff competition and big boy brands with their huge budgets? The MirrorMePR Social PR Team share a few of their top tips:   As a naturally highly engaged platform, use Instagram to add luster to your Christmas campaign. ...
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admin_89 December 12, 2017

Top Tips For Looking After Your Horse This Winter

With the winter months fast approaching, the Equestrian PR specialists MirrorMePR Equine Team give their top tips for coping with bad weather and fresh horses in this blog.   GET YOUR FEEDING RIGHT If you know a cold spell is forecast, then it’s better to cut down your horse’s food gradually rather than suddenly. Planning ahead ...
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admin_89 December 4, 2017

Treat Your Dogs This Autumn

We’re pretty lucky that the MirrorMePR Canine PR Team get to talk about luxury dog clothing, beds, products and treats nearly all day long, thanks to our fantastic stable of premium clients, so what do they recommend for spoiling your dog this autumn/winter?   Under Cover Rain, sleet, snow and wind, when you are a dog ...
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admin_89 November 29, 2017

From Horses To Hollywood Stars! An Insight Into Award Winning Blogger!

From horses to hollywood, the winner of our Rising Star Award in the Haynet Equestrian Blogger Of The Year Awards was ‘How Very Horsey’ and Daisy is full of surprises… I AM Daisy Smith of the equestrian blog, How Very Horsey. I LOVE all things horsey, chocolate, prosecco, musicals, true friends, power ballads… I’M NOT AFRAID ...
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admin_89 November 21, 2017

Real Women Really Do Rock Country & Equestrian Clothing!

  Real women rock country and equestrian clothing #fact Through the rise of the super blogger and social media, real women are having their voices heard, their stories told and their wardrobes revealed. For our industry sector this rings true also. Recently, the MirrorMePR Country PR Team were chatting to one of The Spanish Boot ...
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admin_89 November 21, 2017

Fashion Trends For Autumn 2017

The country fashion UK trends we want and will be wearing this autumn/winter… All you needed to know to sound (and look like) a true fashionista this season!   Bling Is Back Bling is in but for equestrian’s it was never out! Choose crystal embellishment on everything else in your wardrobe including accessories (As if we ...
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admin_89 November 20, 2017


As horse riders and owners, the Equine PR Team at MirrorMePR share their top favourite things that they love about the Autumn…    No more flies. Yes, no more midges or flies to annoy your horse and no more smelling of Eau de equine (fly spray).    The ‘Rider tan’ was never a good look anyway.    Cooler ...
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admin_89 November 14, 2017

Getting To Know Our International Talent Award Winner!

    Recently, the winners of the Haynet ‘Equestrian Blogger Of The Year Awards’ (which we were proud sponsors of) were announced. In this blog we caught up with Martina of  Tacchi A Cavallo, the winner of our ‘International Talent Award’ and asked her to fill in the blanks.. I AM….. a woman in her best “thirties” years, ...
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admin_89 November 13, 2017

The Rider’s Guide On How To Win Brand Sponsorship

  Looking for rider brand sponsorship? The MirrorMePR Equine Team are approached continuously by riders enquiring about sponsorship with our brands, so how do you win brand sponsorship as a rider? It never ceases to amaze us what we find in our email inbox!! Sponsored riders can bring huge value to a company, but you ...
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admin_89 November 4, 2017

Equestrian Blogger Of The Year In The Hot Seat!

  Recently, the winners of the Haynet ‘Equestrian Blogger Of The Year Awards’ (which we were proud sponsors of) were announced. After months of scruitny, a deserving overall winner was pulled (Drum roll) with brilliant equestrian blogger, Roosa of ‘Roosa’s Horsey Life’  taking the prestigious title! In this blog we caught up with Roosa and asked her ...
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admin_89 November 4, 2017

The London Events We Love

We are really looking forward to the coming months for a few reasons: It’s nearly Christmas (well, nearly-ish) We’re feeling festive Olympia Horse Show The Spirit Of Christmas   Every year the MirrorMe Equine PR team flock to London Events such as The London International Horse Show to meet up with journalists, clients and watch some fantastic ...
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admin_89 October 30, 2017

What To Wear For The Ascot Jumps Season

With a new season upon us, keeping warm and stylish at the races doesn’t have to be a challenge! The super stylish Country & Luxury PR UK Team have some great advice to ensure that you are on a winning streak when it comes to looking good this jump season.   While the dress code at ...
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admin_89 October 24, 2017

5 Tips For Taking Great Photos of Your Horse

In this post, the Equine PR London team caught up with Beth Hicks Photography for her top tips for taking great photos of your horse. Beth is a very talented equine, canine and country photographer; so before you grab your camera, take a read of Beth’s top tips:   Before I really got into photography, I ...
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admin_89 October 16, 2017

What Makes A Luxury Country Home?

As the dark evenings draw in, the CountryPR Team ask the question; ‘what does a country home need to ooze luxury and still be comfortable?’ Here is our guide to creating the ultimate luxury country house interior.   A ROARING FIRE When it comes to open fires, every luxury home will have a huge roaring fire ...
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admin_89 October 10, 2017

Our Step-By-Step Guide To Having Your Pet At Your Wedding

  Having your pet at your wedding might sound amazing, but you need to do some serious planning ahead if you want your fur baby or slippery friend to celebrate with you! Here are five crucial tips the MirrorMePR team think you will need for your big day.   CHECK WITH VENUE Make sure you ...
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admin_89 October 2, 2017


The MirrorMePR Canine PR Team have seen some pretty amazing outdoor dog kennels recently online (with some pretty amazing price tags too!). While the team prefer to have their dogs sleeping inside their homes, some of these kennels even boast central heating! So for the perfect luxury pooch pad, what would we recommend for the ...
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admin_89 September 26, 2017

The Right Horse For The Job?

It’s fair to say that the MirrorMePR Equine PR Team tend to see similar breeds of horses popping up within disciplines.   Known for their speed and intelligence, full and cross thoroughbreds tend to crop up a lot in the eventing world. In fact, one of our fabulous riders Gemma Tattersall is partnered with a ...
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admin_89 September 19, 2017

The Ultimate Weekend-Away Wardrobe

The best weekend away wardrobe is easy to pack, wear and enjoy, especially when you have the right accessories and the appropriate basics. In this blog the MirrorMePR Luxury PR UK Team offer their top tips and style advice for a great weekend getaway in style! Firstly, you need to look at the activities you ...
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admin_89 September 12, 2017

Country Fashion Trends Hot Off The Catwalk

  The MirrorMePR team never stray too far from their fashion roots and with London Fashion Week showcasing future trends, the MirrorMePR team pick out the hottest country fashion trends for autumn and celebrate our client’s great style in our latest blog…   TWEEDY GOOD As far as we are concerned tweed was never OUT of fashion ...
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admin_89 September 8, 2017

Blooming Lovely Gardens To Visit

The country PR team love the countryside in bloom, and summer is the perfect time to get out and about whilst the weather is still on your side. So, where do we recommend you go to see beautiful flowers and lovely gardens? Here is a list of our top 6 gardens.   SURREY The RHS ...
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admin_89 September 6, 2017

I Am Luxury (How To Present Your Brand As Premium)

Here at MirrorMePR, we specialise in luxury brands, and one of the key aspects of building a luxury brand is THINKING like a luxury premium brand. Presenting your brand as premium doesn’t have to encompass huge budgets when you have expert advice from the professionals. A BIG SHOT Photography is a HUGE part of your ...
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admin_89 August 23, 2017

Latte With Your Labrador?

  The MirrorMe Canine PR team  love spending time with their dogs, and that includes client meetings in London, so where do we recommend to enjoy a pooch friendly drink or bite to eat in town? Here are a few of our favourites… The Yorkshire Grey Pub & Kitchen in Grays Inn Road . The ...
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admin_89 August 14, 2017

60 Seconds With Caroline Constable, Editor Of Style Reins

    In our series celebrating some of the fabulous ‘Wonder Women’ we know, we catch up with Caroline Constable, Editor of equestrian style bible, Style Reins to find out more about her life behind her successful brand… WHO ARE YOU AND WHAT DO YOU DO? I’m the founder and editor of Style Reins Magazine, ...
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admin_89 August 11, 2017

Pawsome Places To Kennel Your Pet In The UK This Holiday Season!

The MirrorMe Pet PR team have been planning their summer holidays and for some, that means ensuring your pets are happy in their holiday homes too! But if you’ve ever felt marginally guilty and don’t want to kennel your pet in as you jet off for your family holiday, then read on as we share ...
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admin_89 August 8, 2017

Summer Loving

  Summer has finally arrived and where once we were all moaning about the cold, rain, dark long miserable grey days, now equestrians have flies, hard ground and the heat as the topic of conversation in tack rooms up and down the UK! Our UK Equine PR team knows how the weather change can affect ...
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admin_89 August 1, 2017

Schools Out For Summer And Stables Are In!

As the summer holidays start, pony mad kids scream for glee as they look forward to having hours of fun down the stables and riding their beloved ponies and for parents, it’s great to see their little ones involved in such an active and fun hobby and lifestyle. But every equestrian knows that ponies and ...
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admin_89 July 25, 2017

Top Tips For Dressing To Impress

  Each year at the Longines Royal International Horse Show, they hold a very special Ladies’ Day, which is on Saturday 29th July this year. It’s an extremely stylish affair which the MirrorMePR team here love to watch, so what are our top style tips for ladies looking to make a fashion statement this summer. ...
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admin_89 July 20, 2017

Animal Athletes

  When the UK Equine PR and Canine PR Team reveal in passing conversation that their horses and competition dogs regularly have massages and physio checks, it’s sometimes met with disbelief from people – ‘What your horse has massages?’ (Often followed by some sniggering) But the bottom line is that just as humans athletes need ...
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admin_89 July 18, 2017

60 Seconds With Caroline Denyer, Owner & Creator Of Growlees

We see all our clients as super heroes, so it would be impossible for us to run this series of wonderful women without featuring at least a couple of them! Over to #wonderwoman Caroline Denyer, creator of the Growlees Dog Tag brand and much more… WHO ARE YOU AND WHAT DO YOU DO? My name ...
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admin_89 July 15, 2017

Five Idyllic Dog Friendly Beaches!

  Fancy a day at the beach with the whole family including the dog? The MirrorMePR UK Canine PR Team have been looking for the best beaches around the UK to have some fun with Fido and here are their top 5 beaches! Bamaluz Beach in St Ives Cornwall is a small beach but is ...
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admin_89 July 12, 2017

Prioritise Your Day!

Working in PR and Social Media Marketing means that the MirrorMePR Team have to be super efficient at managing their time and workflow effectively so what tips do they have to share on prioritising your day and managing your time effectively. Take Time Out We know your work is piled high but forcing yourself to ...
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admin_89 July 10, 2017

The Struggle Is Real!

  Here at MirrorMePR, we’ve helped businesses of all sizes streamline their workflow by becoming a crucial part of the team, in this blog, our Social Media Marketing & PR team share their experiences. Your business is growing fast, and you’re struggling to juggle family, life and work. Your family think you work too hard ...
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admin_89 July 4, 2017

Everyones An Expert In Social Media… Or Are They?

Here at MirrorMePR, not only do we offer fantastic PR services, but also, as qualified expert social media marketers we want to ensure every client gets the most out of their social media channels! When we get an initial new business call, very often it will be from a company that is ringing around to ...
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admin_89 July 3, 2017

Dressage Divas

OK, so we might not be actual ‘Divas’, but we’ve picked out a few of our favourite dressage essentials that we all deserve. Our UK Equine PR Team have picked some of their best bits to ensure you look great this competition season…. A TOUCH OF LACE We love this lace competition shirt from Equetech. ...
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admin_89 July 2, 2017

Bonding with your Horse

Busy horse owners have busy lives, and sometimes it can feel like a real juggling act trying to find time between family and work to give your horse some quality time with you. The equine PR team at MirrorMePR know that struggle all too well, so have come up with some great suggestions that you ...
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admin_89 July 1, 2017

Bring Your Dog to Work ( and Keep the Peace!)

Our Pet PR Team are lucky to be able to bring their dogs to the office. According to an article in the *Guardian Newspaper only about 8% of employees are allowed to take their dogs to work. However, huge corporations such as Nestlé are joining the pack when it comes to businesses allowing employees to bring ...
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admin_89 June 30, 2017

60 Seconds With…. Hollie-Ella, It’s A Country Life Blogger

  In our series celebrating some of the fabulous ‘Wonder Women’ we know, we catch up with Hollie-Ella, blogger and blogger community host to find out more about her life behind her successful brand… WHO ARE YOU AND WHAT DO YOU DO? I’m Hollie-Ella the girl behind It’s A Country Life – an equestrian and ...
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admin_89 June 26, 2017

Wedding Venues that are Hot to Trot!

Looking for the perfect venue for your wedding party? The MirrorMePR UK Equine PR Team have come up a three of their favourite horsey inspired locations to add that equestrian touch to your special day… For those couples who took a bet in love and won, then Cheltenham Racecourse is the perfect wedding venue with an ...
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admin_89 June 26, 2017

Holiday Hounds!

  Planning a holiday but want to bring the pooch along too? With some pretty impressive dog-friendly holidays out there, here are our UK Canine PR departments top tips to ensure that you both enjoy your time away from home. If you are thinking of holidaying abroad with your dog, then taking them away as ...
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admin_89 June 26, 2017

Doggies with Discipline!

June 25th – July 2nd, 2017 is dog bite prevention week and sits alongside an annual convention which brings together top presenters, celebrity dog trainers and animal behaviourists to discuss all aspects of training and communication with our dogs with an emphasis on providing education and entertainment. Therefore it would only be right for MirrorMePR’s ...
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admin_89 June 23, 2017

International Relations

We’ve launched international brands to UK shores with much success and like any new name introduced to the media, and ultimately the consumer, planning ahead is key to getting the results you want, as our MD Ashley explains… While relatively small the UK is still a territory that many international brands are keen to break ...
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admin_89 June 22, 2017

Tweedy Terrific

  Tweed is the essential uniform of discerning, stylish country folk. That being said, our UK country fashion PR clients know exactly how to do tweed well and what goes best with tweed, so here are our top fashion choices for the season ahead. TIMOTHY FOXX TWEED TRINITY JACKET You’ll stand to attention when you ...
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admin_89 June 19, 2017

60 Seconds With….Totally Horse And Pony Magazine

  In the first of a new short series, we invite key ‘wonder women’ within our industry to share their super hero insights on their road to success, whether it’s creating new media, building a blogging empire or going global with a business, we grab 60 seconds to ask…. WHO ARE YOU AND WHAT DO ...
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admin_89 June 16, 2017

Legs To Love

  When it comes to fashion and riding wear, our clients, Equetech, offer the perfect combinations. In taking the best technical fabrics and incorporating some smart design details they create a stunning collection of breeches and jodhpurs that the MirrorMePR Equestrian PR Team love and want. Here is our pick of equestrian fashion PR favourites ...
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admin_89 June 15, 2017

Brands Riding High

As a luxury PR agency, covering equestrian brands, we’re used to working with both riders and our brands, but it’s a delicate balance, which needs to be fair for both parties. In this article, the Equine PR team talks about brands, rider’s expectations and how to keep it a happy and beneficial relationship for both. ...
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admin_89 June 13, 2017

Pop The Question With Fur-tastic Style!

Want to pop the question in a unique way and involve your furry friends? Here at MirrorMePR the Equine & Canine PR teams have been busy brainstorming and have come up with some fun and novel ways to pop the question to your horse- or dog- mad other half (and if you’re wondering –  yes, ...
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admin_89 May 31, 2017

Fathers Day Gift Ideas You’ll Love

When it comes to Father’s Day here in the UK, what do you get your dad for a gift he’ll love? Perhaps you’re a bit stumped when it comes to presents this year? Well, no fear – the MirrorMePR Country fashion UK team have got some serious present inspiration, and it’s stuff you (and your ...
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admin_89 May 29, 2017

Ding Dong – Equestrian Wedding Season Is Here!

With the (Equestrian) wedding season upon us, the MirrorMePR team take a look at accessories to go with your wedding dress (and – for once –  we aren’t talking about the horse!) in particular, your choice of jewellery and the available country brands UK that can help inspire you. ACCESSORISE FOR YOUR DRESS Jewellery can ...
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admin_89 May 25, 2017

5 Key Fashion Pieces You And Your Horse Need For Summer – Fact!

When it comes to our sizzling summer must haves the MirrorMe PR team have a few country fashion UK essentials we want and love for this season, and we bet you do too! If you’re looking for a few more things to treat yourself with this summer,  whether it’s for your pooch, your horse, home ...
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admin_89 May 23, 2017

Get Ready For Ascot In Style

  The MirrorMePR team love Ascot, so what should you wear if you are planning to attend this year? Here are our ‘At A Glance’ tips to get ready for Ascot With Style! Rules are rules. Follow the Ascot Royal Enclosure’s dress rules strictly to ensure entry. Hats should have a solid base of at ...
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admin_89 May 20, 2017

Pawsome Days Out for You and Your Pooch

  With the National Pet Show being hosted this month, it got the MirrorMePR Canine PR Team thinking about our dogs and all the fantastic doggie events we would like to take the office woof juniors to… so here’s our calendar of ‘pawsome’ upcoming events for you and your pooch to enjoy! Paws In The ...
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admin_89 May 16, 2017

Saddle Up for #RideOutUKMonth

  As keen horse lovers and regular riders ourselves, the MirrorMePR Equestrian PR team know just how vital proper safety precautions are for both horses and riders, which is why we’re big fans of anyone championing this cause, including the well-beloved charity, the BHS. The British Horse Society have launched a fantastic campaign this May ...
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admin_89 May 12, 2017

Out and About: Must-Attend Events for Horse Lovers this May!

May is certainly a lively time for MirrorMePR’s Equestrian PR Team! Not only were we busy with the Badminton Horse Trials at the beginning of the month, but another key event awaits just around the corner, though this time a bit closer to the Windsor office: The Royal Windsor Horse Show!  This fantastic show pulls ...
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admin_89 May 9, 2017

What Makes Our Luxury PR Services Different?

Choosing the right Luxury PR Service for your brand can be challenge. In this blog we share our tips for sourcing a great luxury PR & what makes our services different. “Yes, I tried PR, and I’ve not had a great experience” Yep, you name it, we’ve heard the tale of luxury PR woes. From ...
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admin_89 May 2, 2017

The Beginner’s Guide To Fitting Into An Equestrian Event | Luxury PR

  As experts in Luxury PR, we take a tongue in cheek look at what to say and wear at… DRESSAGE Dressage is about breeding (the horses mostly but some gossip does get around), and while you don’t have to be posh you do need to look posh if you want to fit in with ...
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admin_89 April 30, 2017

Keeping Your Dog Fit And Healthy While Having Fun | Canine PR

Looking for some fun activities to do with your dog this summer? The MirrorMePR canine PR Team have some ‘pawsome’ ideas for you and your pooch to try! DOG AGILITY This activity involves jumps, tunnels and weaves poles and while you might not be expected to do these obstacles (these are included for your dog ...
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admin_89 April 28, 2017

Must Do Dog Walks For 2017 | Canine PR

According to recent canine PR surveys, us Brits spent more time than ever walking in 2016 and having a canine friend to share the love with makes it even more enjoyable to get out and about. So make this summer even better with some of our must try dog walks… Lyme Park in Stockport ...
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admin_89 April 27, 2017

Summer Horse & Rider Essentials That We Need

As the sun starts to shine and temperatures begins to rise the MirrorMePR Equine PR Team pick out three of their favourite client products to make summer special… LOOKING GREAT IN THE SADDLE Getting hot and sweaty in the saddle is never a good look, but this gorgeous training shirt from Equetech ensures we look ...
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admin_89 April 25, 2017

Bloggers With Brilliance | Country PR

We are thrilled to be supporting not one but two country PR blogger awards this year with the brilliant blogger portal Haynet. This continues to show the value which we as an agency place in the blogger community. Excellent relations are a two-way street, so what do we look for in our blogger relationships? Here’s ...
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admin_89 April 22, 2017

PR Is Essential – Here’s Why | Country Brands UK

A strong PR & Marketing strategy is essential for UK country brands to step up their game and grab consumers’ attention. We don’t just mean your marketing strategy extending to just promoting the odd Facebook post! We’re talking about getting the attention of the consumer. ‘Ahh that’s OK,’ You’re maybe thinking. ‘I’ll do a few ...
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admin_89 April 21, 2017

Balancing Life As A Horse Owner And Full Time Work

The Equestrian PR team at MirrorMePR know how hard it is to juggle horses with work. Getting up and caring for the horses before work then riding in the evening can mean a lot of coffee in between so here are some of our top tips for surviving past 5pm! Take advantage of the lighter ...
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admin_89 April 21, 2017

Country Style For The Whole Family

As our country PR brands prove, dressing with countryside style doesn’t have to be all about uniform tweed and wellies. In this blog, we share our top tips for fashion that won’t scare the sheep! DAD When it comes to dad nothing says country style more than a tweed jacket – but choose wisely!  It’s ...
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admin_89 April 18, 2017


  We are thrilled to be supporting a brand new award this year to find the ‘Country Style Blogger of 2017’! Once again, we will also be supporting the ‘Equestrian Blogger Of The Year’ search but this new award, again in conjunction with Haynet, the equestrian and country blog portal is there to recognise those ...
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admin_89 April 10, 2017

Is New Technology Changing Equine PR?

As technology continues to move forward, so does it’s infiltration into equine PR and canine world. As an equestrian and pet PR and digital marketing agency, we seem to be seeing more and more products coming through onto the marketplace. These are mainly aimed at helping improve the way we look after our animals and ...
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admin_89 April 9, 2017

Saddle Up In The Sunshine

The MirrorMePR equestrian team have been dreaming about summer and spending time with horses in the sunshine but if you want some serious sun, not just a UK fleeting summer that lasts few days, then how about a riding holiday? Here are our top tips what to pack: THINK WITH YOUR HEAD While galloping along a ...
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admin_89 April 3, 2017

Equestrian Style In London

Here at MirrorMePR one of the Equestrian PR Team’s favourite things to do is keep up to date with all equestrian interiors on Pinterest, and we’ve collected some brilliant ideas for you to use in your own home not only this but there’s a new bar in London you might just fall in love with! ...
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admin_89 March 20, 2017

Keeping Clients Happy

How come our client retention is so high? What’s the secret to our success for keeping our clients happy? In this blog, we share a few of our top tips for client happiness and longevity. Get To Know Each Other Like any new relationship, you need to get to know each other. Each client is different ...
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admin_89 March 15, 2017

Social PR Worth And Wisdom

Here at MirrorMePR we take our client’s Social PR very seriously. With algorithms squeezing the reach out of your brand’s channels and the need to create even greater and more relevant content we continue to see a trend towards more and more brands opting for social PR, so what’s the difference between you posting and ...
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admin_89 March 13, 2017

Polo Fashion

We’ve covered what to wear (or not as the case maybe!) for the racing scene so in this feature the Country Fashion PR MirrorMePR team give their personal tips on what they recommend for enjoying the polo season. Gents Don’t dress like a polo player UNLESS you are a polo player, playing. Overall the dress ...
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admin_89 March 11, 2017

Pampered Pooches

With Crufts this month the Canine PR London Team at MirrorMePR take a look at some of the best doggie spas, well-being activities and grooming salons in London and ask, do you think they do owners as well?!   Pet Spa London From grooming to doggie daycare this place is the one stop shop for ...
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admin_89 March 9, 2017


  At MirrorMePR our MD is a professional in Luxury PR and one aspect of our job we love is a photo shoot, whether it’s in the studio or out on location.  The opportunity to get creative and build great ideas from mood boards through to delivery of amazing images harks back to the MirrorMePR ...
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admin_89 February 28, 2017

Luxury In Style

Here at Mirror Me PR we’ve found that dressing down is the new dressing up. We love our collection of country brands, which bring together laid back style with a designer edge, adding just the right amount of diversity to your wardrobe. We’ve picked four of our favourites for spring season ahead … With the ...
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admin_89 February 27, 2017

The UK: Spring In The Saddle

Here at Mirror Me PR,  Country PR & Marketing is one of our specialities and with spring around the corner, we’re taking a look at some of the best UK bridle paths that make us want to box up the horses and head off to for a day or longer… Dartmoor For an adventure across ...
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admin_89 February 24, 2017

Puppy Power

Here at Mirror Me PR we’re one of the best Canine UK PR Agencies and with so much in the news about illegal puppy farms, the MirrorMePR canine team wanted to share some of our top tips for buying a puppy. Firstly you need to decide what kind of dog you want. Do you have ...
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admin_89 February 22, 2017

Sponsorship Stories & Bloggers

  We were thrilled to sponsor the blogger awards in conjunction with blogger site Haynet Blog last year and it’s an area that continues to grow for us as an agency. The reach and potential which is offered by working with the right bloggers has helped us achieve great results, feed key stories through to ...
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admin_89 February 20, 2017

Treat Yourself ! – MMPR’s Top Luxury Experiences in the UK

Here at MirrorMePR our Luxury UK PR department love a bit of luxury (who doesn’t!) , so we thought we would share with you our top 5 luxury experiences here in the UK … We know the Royal Crescent Hotel & Spa in Bath well and love staying in this gorgeously quaint hotel- enjoying their ...
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admin_89 January 20, 2017

Dream Dog Walks in Britain

  According to recent surveys, us Brits spent more time than ever walking in 2020 and having a canine friend to share the love with makes it even more enjoyable to get out and about. Our Canine UK PR team are dedicated dog walkers, so they have decided to share some of their favourite locations ...
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admin_89 January 15, 2017

Keep Fit in the Country!

Keeping fit and healthy is generally a familiar theme for a lot of folk when asked what their new resolutions are, so MMPR’s Country PR team have decided to share their top tips for keeping your momentum going! EMBRACE THE WINTER & WEATHER There is a saying there is never bad weather but bad clothing ...
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admin_89 January 10, 2017

Why Managing Social Media Is More Than Just A Post!

With the rise in popularity of social media, it’s not uncommon place to see a ‘Do It Yourself’ approach in this area in an attempt to ‘save budget’. In this blog our Social Media Marketing Team ‘post’ their thoughts on managing your own social media. The good, the bad and the ugly!   So, you ...
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admin_89 January 4, 2017

Save The Date!

Wizards & Magic At Piccadilly London in 2016. Photography Credit Here. 2016 may have been a bit shoddy for some, but our Equine PR department have been fortunate enough to have attended some of the best equine events there are! As working in PR constantly means looking to the future, we have picked some of ...
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admin_89 December 30, 2016

Winter WOOF Appeal!

  Here at MirrorMePR our Canine PR Department we know it’s not only us humans that feel the cold, so make life less miserable for your pooch – with our top 6 tips for winter fun.. Take into consideration your dog’s age and breed. A young puppy or older dog is more likely to feel ...
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admin_89 December 27, 2016

MMPR’s Top 5 Christmas Adverts of 2016

Here at MirrorMePR, we love all things Christmas! Although we have planned Christmas for all our Equine and Canine PR clients months ago, we can’t help but enjoy the inundation of adverts filling our screen at this time of year. We have selected our top five this year that we feel are worth a mention. ...
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admin_89 December 20, 2016

The Rise Of The Celebrity Rider!

From the perspective of an industry where the word ‘celebrity’ means pop stars, Oscar winners and zany billionaires, it’s been fascinating to watch the rise of the celebrity rider. It’s an Equine PR dream. The sporting world in general has always produced big names, and with that big sponsorship deals. Modern day athletes have enormous ...
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admin_89 December 16, 2016

A Touch of Country in the Big City

Working with such a range of diverse brands means that we get to step into the city and step out into the countryside and the same goes for our brand’s ranges. Merging the two together is what makes us unique and so would you want your home to be any different? In this blog our ...
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admin_89 December 8, 2016

Keeping The Horsey Hubby Happy!

  Keeping your un-horsey partner happy when there are three of you in the relationship (That’s you, him and the horse) is a delicate balance. However, our Equine PR department have come up with a few suggestions to keep your partner (human not horse) on your side! DO make an effort and buy a ready ...
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admin_89 November 30, 2016

We Wish You A Merry Summer!

  Nope we’ve not gone mad, we know we are fast approaching Christmas but as anyone working in the media or in luxury PR will know, whilst the rest of the world is wishing you a ‘Merry Christmas’, we are thinking about summer campaigns and probably writing about sunshine, summer holidays and BBQ’s! Being inspired ...
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admin_89 November 23, 2016

MirrorMe PR’s Top Secret Getaways This Winter

If the prospect of a long, wet and cold season ahead is filling you with the oh so common winter blues. Then don’t fear, as the Luxury PR team share our favourite UK winter breaks with you, to prepare you for the upcoming months of Christmas madness! Firstly, a true favourite of everyone here at MirrorMePR ...
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admin_89 November 18, 2016

MirrorMePR Launch New Magazine!

We are thrilled to present our first ever MirrorMePR magazine featuring some of our fabulous clients! We hope you will enjoy reading it as much as we did putting it together for your reading pleasure! Full of country and equestrian fashion, tips, advice and generally gorgeous things, it’s a winter warmer to snuggle up with ...
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admin_89 November 8, 2016

MirrorMePR’s Top Tips for Press Release Success!

With a collective of over 30 years industry experience, as well as our experience within the Equine PR, Pet PR and Luxury PR, we like to consider ourselves experts when it comes to writing a good press release. Therefore, we have decided to share with you our 5 top tips for small start-ups who want ...
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admin_89 November 8, 2016

Winter Survival Tips for Every Horse Owner (You Need Now)

Ask any horse owner if they love the winter months – not many will say they do! The combination of horses, fresh mud, ice and snow don’t make life easy, whether it’s looking after them or riding them! The MirrorMePR Equine PR team share their favourite winter survival tips to help make the upcoming colder ...
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admin_89 November 7, 2016

A Warm MMPR Welcome to our Two New Clients!

MirrorMePR are thrilled to announce recent work with two international brands, under our Equine PR umbrella recently. With our expertise and contacts, we already have luxury brands within our portfolio, such as Hunter Boots, HunterField collection. Our two new clients have made all the MMPR team very excited; KASK helmets for horse riders, announcing a ...
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admin_89 October 31, 2016

Best Country Things to See, Go To and Do This Winter

At MirrorMePR, we love the countryside, even in the winter months! (You just have to wear the correct clothes, right?!) So here are a few of our favourite finds and places we would pack our bags in a moment to head off to, and they are all to be found here in the UK! More ...
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admin_89 October 29, 2016

How to Keep your Pooch Happy this Bonfire Night

Keeping your dog safe, sound and happy around bonfire night is always difficult and can cause unnecessary stress for our pooches. Unfortunately as pet owners know, firework night is not exclusively related to November 5th in the UK, but can extend across a whole week and weekend! Our Canine PR Team have put together a ...
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admin_89 October 25, 2016

Autumn Style

As summer fades to autumn, looking good is dictated by weather watching. Here at MirrorMePR we’ve picked our few of our favourite client pieces for cheer as the season changes, whether you are taking a walk in the countryside, saddling up for a ride in the rain or a Sunday morning stroll with the dog ...
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admin_89 October 1, 2016

9 Things Only Horse Owners Will Understand If Your Horse Is The Love Of Your Life

Owning a horse for the first time is in itself a passage of discovery, so what can we reveal to anyone taking the plunge with their very first equine friend? Our Equine PR Team share 9 aspects of horse ownership that only horse owners will relate to! Home washing machines were meant for girths, boots, ...
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admin_89 September 27, 2016

Autumn in the Country

As the seasons change, country dwellers get ready for a change of clothes as outdoor pursuits calls for practical wear that works for winter. Fortunately, more and more brands are realising the need to incorporate technical elements into their fashion designs if they have any hope of the countryside lovers buying into the range. With ...
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admin_89 September 20, 2016

9 Signs You’re An Autumn Person

As summer starts to fade, here in the office we’re really looking forward to a new season ahead and all the magic of autumn. Does this sound like you? If the below sounds just like you, share the autumn love! A changing season signals a changing wardrobe. *Grabs credit card with glee!* You carry on ...
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admin_89 September 16, 2016

Horse Power

We watched in awe at the recent Olympics at the range of amazing human athletes but also at the amazing partnerships  between horse and rider in the equestrian games and the thrill of seeing combinations which we’ve been lucky enough to know and meet on the world stage was overwhelming. Knowing all the hard work ...
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admin_89 September 5, 2016

Cool and Collected

With the summer still holding on and the temperatures increasing and decreasing dramatically, our Equine PR team at MirrorMePR want to share some top tips for looking and feeling cool in the saddle. After all, you want to look and feel your best. Try and choose technical fabrics, which will perform as hard as you ...
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admin_89 August 27, 2016

Seven Style Hacks for Your Summer Riding Wardrobe

Looking stylish and feeling cool as temperatures rise is easy if you follow a few simple style rules…here are our top seven tips for looking great in, and out of the saddle… If your budget doesn’t allow for a new summer wardrobe, shop clever by adding a pop of colour into your riding wardrobe in ...
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admin_89 August 14, 2016

Riding High at Rio!

Keeping up to speed with the equestrian events has been both thrilling and disappointing. It’s thrilling as we see some fantastic combinations, including riders who we are lucky enough to know personally taking to the international stage and disappointment in the sense that we know some of Team GB’s horses were unable to go forth ...
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admin_89 August 11, 2016

How To Dress Like A Country Gent

Getting the balance right between being suitably dressed for the countryside and looking like you are dressing up for a country ‘themed’ fancy dress party is admittedly a fine line. How do you dress like a country gent convincingly? Here are our fashion tips for city gents who want to step out of the smoke ...
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admin_89 August 7, 2016

Racey Ladies

When it comes to dressing for success for a day at the races, our MD Ashley Rossiter, former celebrity stylist dons her styling hat once more to give her top tips for Ascot. When choosing a hat, choose comfort and class. Remember you are going to be wearing it all day, so choosing an Avant-garde ...
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admin_89 June 9, 2016

9 Fashion Fails: Dogs & Their Owners

Here at MirrorMePR, we know quite a bit about fashion-savvy dogs; so when it comes to dogs and their owners, what tips do we have up our stylish sleeves… 1) The ‘Mini-Me’ Craze which we saw last year with celebrities dressing their kids in copy cat outfits is well – so last year! Anyway, what if ...
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admin_89 May 26, 2016

Country Show Survival Tips

Summer is nearly here (honest) and that can only mean it’s the start of the country show season, but how do you fit in with the country folk as hard-core city dwellers? And how do you survive a day out in the countryside? Here are MirrorMePR’s top tips: Boots or no boots? Trudging around a ...
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admin_89 May 23, 2016

9 Things Only Horse Owners Will Understand

Owning a horse for the first time is in itself a passage of discovery, so what can we reveal to anyone taking the plunge with their very first equine friend? Read and learn people… Home washing machines were meant for girths, boots, summer sheets and bandages. Well, they seem the perfect size to us for ...
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admin_89 May 9, 2016

Ding Dong, Is That a Dog?

It’s wedding season once again and having family, friends and your best man or lady is key to your special day, but what about your pets? Cute ring carriers aren’t little page boys or mini bridesmaids anymore, as there is an emerging trend for your beloved dog to be part of your special day (with ...
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admin_89 May 5, 2016

Know Your Market

I recently read an article entirely devoted to the fact that celebrity and horse rider Katie Price had ‘shaved’ shapes into her children’s pony’s coats including diamonds and love hearts. This caused an uproar this had caused amongst some fans who thought it was ‘cruel’. Katie’s act of ‘shaving’ her ponies coats isn’t cruel. Horses and ...
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admin_89 April 26, 2016

Our Top 6 Pieces For Summer Style

When it comes to working at events this summer, the MirrorMePR Luxury PR Team have some essential ‘work wear’ for on location and here are our fav picks for ‘on PR duty’ and for after… We love this hat Fedora hat by Rag & Bone – OK, so its not a high street steal, but ...
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admin_89 April 26, 2016

Paws For Thought

Tags Dogs
  I read in the papers this week that rock star Joss Stone had cancelled two gigs in the Caribbean when one of her dogs fell ill. She wrote a message on her Facebook page where she spoke about Missy (her dog) being the closest thing that she has to a child, no matter how ...
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admin_89 April 19, 2016

New Rules for Good Riding Etiquette

  I read with interest recently about the fact that the board of directors of the German Equestrian Federation have decided to implement a new rule based around good riding etiquette. The federation is quoted as defining bad practice as anything that includes “explicitly any aggressive riding or training methods which entail a forceful handling of ...
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admin_89 March 23, 2016

Canines with Class

When it comes to arranging the perfect party, here at MMPR we know how to create an event to remember. However when it comes to our furry four-legged friends, what would make the perfect celebration for them? Well, here are our top 5 party plans for your pooch. Pool ‘Paw’ty In the US, ‘Pool Pawties’ ...
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admin_89 March 15, 2016

10 Things Only a Horse Rider Knows to be True

  There are a few things that everyone who owns a horse can immediately identify with, and laugh about! Since the team here at MirrorMePR all love our horses, we compiled our list of the top 10 Things Only a Horse Rider Knows to be True! Enjoy (and see if you recognise them too!)… Everyone who owns a ...
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admin_89 March 9, 2016

Come Rain or Shine

You may say “Once you’re wet, you’re wet”… however if you ride, you would probably rather not get wet at all! So here at MirrorMePR we’ve been keeping our eyes peeled for spring riding gear that will take those winter woes into spring with joy! Here are some of our favourites: We love these Timothy ...
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admin_89 March 1, 2016

10 Things Only Dog Owners Know to be True!

With several office dogs between us, the team here at MirrorMePR know that owning a dog – in addition to giving you immense joy – offers you a unique perspective on life. Based on our own experiences, we’d say that the following are 10 Things Only Dog Owners Know to be True! You would rather curl ...
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admin_89 February 22, 2016

Décor with Equine Appeal!

  Adding subtle equestrian touches to your home doesn’t have to be limited to purchasing a galloping horse duvet and pillow set or leaving your tack strewn across the house after your return from the stables – although, as we have discovered, there are some pretty neat ideas for styling your home using a few real equestrian ‘bits’ ...
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admin_89 February 15, 2016

Valentine’s Day – 5 Ways Your Horse Shows You He Loves You (And you never even noticed it!)

Dear Human, You may not realise it, but I show that I love you every day – not just on Valentine’s day! These are just a few of the ways: Getting Up Close & Personal – if I roll in anything and everything that I find, it means you will have to give me a ...
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admin_89 February 8, 2016

A Blog About BETA International!

  Amongst the client and media appointments the MirrorMePR team had crammed into our day at BETA International (The Equestrian and Country trade show), I had the chance to escape and take a look around the event and see what trends were coming through for A/W in terms of rider and horse wear. Traditionally, equestrian style ...
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admin_89 February 1, 2016

Ideas Are Infinite!

  As we come to the end of the first month of 2016, I have been reflecting on 2015 and the amazing new clients that we have won across the year – and also, of course, on those that we didn’t! Although new country brand PR business pitches are just a part of agency life (you win ...
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admin_89 January 25, 2016

Rider Top Tips for Happy Horses

  For this blog, I thought I would focus on happiness, because when you talk to most people who ride or own horses, and you ask them what it is about horses, along with the various other reasons such as “I love the buzz”, “it makes me forget about all the other stuff”, etc. they will also invariably end ...
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admin_89 January 15, 2016

If Your Dog Could Text You…

We’ve seen a few articles along the lines of “if your pet could text you…”, which got us all thinking: if your dog could text you, what would he have to say or tell you? The Dog PR Team here at MirrorMePR came up with a few ideas of our own, and here are a ...
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admin_89 January 4, 2016

Equestrian New Years Resolutions

  Every New Year, people all around the world celebrate a fresh new start, seeing the old year off with a bang and making resolutions for the coming year. A quick poll of the MirrorMePR office revealed that most of our New Year’s resolutions tend to relate to changes in lifestyle (do more exercise, go ...
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admin_89 December 28, 2015

Five Ways to Enjoy Christmas Day (Yes, Even with a Horse)

If going down the yard and sorting out your horse on Christmas Day is well… met with perhaps less enthusiasm from your nearest and dearest, then here are some tips for keeping everyone happy on the big day! Organise a rota with other people at your yard so you all work together to make light ...
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admin_89 December 21, 2015

10 Yard & Stable Hacks For Winter

Horses and winter don’t necessarily go together perfectly, so here are some top yard and stable hacks from our country lifestyle PR team at MirrorMePR that will hopefully help you to cope with winter’s worst! Add a tennis ball to your water trough to stop it freezing over in colder weather Up-cycle your old duvets ...
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admin_89 December 14, 2015

Canine Gifts for Top Dogs!

  If your pooch deserves some pampering this Christmas or you are looking for a gift with ‘woof’ appeal, then here are MirrorMePR’s favourite canine gifts with a little bit of class…. ‘Experiences’ are all the range for humans, so why should your dog be any different? We love this one-stop pamper place for your ...
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admin_89 December 5, 2015

How to Have the Perfect Winter Equestrian Wedding

  As a top Equestrian PR company, we here at MMPR have a soft spot for horse themed promotional shoots, and one that’s caught our eye is this beautiful inspiration shoot for equestrian winter weddings. For those of you with your big day on the horizon, what better way to spend the happiest day of your life than ...
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admin_89 November 30, 2015

Seven Top Tips for Keeping the Yard Dog Safe and Warm!

  Just as you need to keep warm and dry, so does your yard dog, so make sure he or she is dressed appropriately for the yard. Invest in some warm, waterproof  clothing so they are prepared, whatever the weather! Our clients Pink Whiskers and Dogissimo both do fantastic ranges of clothing that combine function ...
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admin_89 November 21, 2015

10 Winter Warm Hacks For Equestrians

Need some quick tips for getting through winter with some warmth in your life? No, we are not offering an extended break in the Bahamas but 10 top hacks for equestrians on how to keep winter warm. You’re welcome! Invest in ski-silk glove liners to wear underneath riding gloves and big thick winter gloves for ...
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admin_89 November 12, 2015

PR or Just Good Planning?

Since we first started the agency, the MirrorMePR Equestrian PR Team have been asked countless times (Quite literally, we cannot remember how many because it happens so often!)  to quote for individual rider PR services.   In these instances, we always say thank you very much, but sorry, we cannot work with you, and often people ...
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admin_89 November 9, 2015

Rider PAs With Presence!

The main reason that I’ve written this blog is really to give some advice to all those riders who are thinking about getting themselves a PA. If you are about to appoint someone, make sure you do your homework! All too often, riders can end up damaging relationships with their sponsors or potentially interested sponsors because the ...
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admin_89 November 3, 2015

Halloween Frights for Horses

  From the perspective of your horse, ghouls and ghosts aren’t the most terrifying things around this Halloween… In fact (and as usual, with our equine friends!), the most normal, everyday things seem the scariest to horses. With that in mind, these are what we think would be the top 10 frights for horses. We have a sneaking suspicion that ...
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admin_89 October 26, 2015

Eventing Season is Over

  Now the eventing season has finished, many of us avid equestrians are faced with the same difficult question: what can we do with all our free time now? Here are a few of the MirrorMePR Equestrian PR Team’s top tips… Take a holiday – even if you can’t afford a break abroad or going somewhere extravagant, it’s nice ...
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admin_89 October 20, 2015

Winter Equestrian Fashion: Beating The BRRRRR…

  As most British people will agree, winter anywhere outside of the house or an indoor shopping mall is never really nice! Thankfully for the MirrorMePR team, most of our shoots take place in the Summer months; however, we still have to do recces during Autumn/Winter and so keeping warm and dry on location is ...
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admin_89 October 5, 2015

Canines with Class

Here are MirrorMePR we love dogs (especially our Office Junior, Jeff!) and therefore love all the stuff which goes with them too! So, as you might guess, when it comes to pampering them, we’ve got lots of ideas up our coat sleeves this winter – and we love to share our ideas with other dog lovers! ...
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admin_89 September 28, 2015

What to Wear in Country Lifestyle PR

  As a former stylist, you tend to take notice of clothes, which is no surprise after years of habit and conditioning! So when it comes to making the right impression now, as a country lifestyle PR specialist, I find that I have to rein in my own personal style and dress ‘appropriately’ for the client ...
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admin_89 August 24, 2015

Ponies Are The New Prozac?

    I read a fantastic feature recently which looked at how horses can help people with mental illnesses to heal. Essentially, this is accomplished by allowing these people to get hands on experience working with horses and ponies on the ground. The article also contained some really fascinating facts, for example that horses can hear a human ...
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admin_89 August 18, 2015

Respectful Relationships in Country Lifestyle PR

  We read a really great article recently in one of our trade titles that was talking about the relationship between the client and PR agent, and much of it really resonated with us, particularly in relation to country lifestyle PR.   The general focus of the feature was about the importance of having great relationships with ...
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admin_89 August 10, 2015

Equestrian Holiday Style

While going on holiday with your horse may not be possible (or even conceivable!) thanks to your long-suffering non-horsey other half, you can still bring some equestrian flair to your holidays! In our experience, the next best thing to having your horse with you is packing some equestrian inspired pieces for your holiday wardrobe. So with ...
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admin_89 July 20, 2015

Do You Take Thy to Be: Planning an Equestrian Wedding

It has to be said that most non-horsey partners of horse-mad other halves will want just one day of their lives when the horse in your life isn’t a priority… and for most, this day is called ‘the wedding day’! HOWEVER, if your partner embraces your passion for equestrianism as much as you do, then why not add ...
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admin_89 July 13, 2015