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Here at MirrorMePR, we specialise in luxury brands, and one of the key aspects of building a luxury brand is THINKING like a luxury premium brand. Presenting your brand as premium doesn’t have to encompass huge budgets when you have expert advice from the luxury pr professionals.


Photography is a HUGE part of your identity, so you really do need to invest in this area, especially if you are looking to sell online or get into the press. Choosing the right photographer is key to ensure that your brand is presented in a way you want, so choose carefully. You want to pick a photographer whose work you love but also if you are looking to shoot in a studio – do they have studio work to show you? Fantastic location work is excellent but if you are seeking to shoot catalogue style shots, are they able to deliver those as well? Some brands are reluctant to spend money on photography, but this investment can HUGELY improve your chances of a sale or a piece of coverage. A picture tells a thousand words so what does yours say about your luxury brand?

Our Luxury PR team’s experience includes photography, styling and film production, so we really know our ‘stuff’. We ensure that your shoot gets the results, from choosing the photographer, writing the brief, shoot planning, model and makeup casting, the creation of mood boards and helping direct on final image selections. This expertise spills over into our everyday work from creating and building a strong social media presence for our luxury brands through to crafting outstanding website content.



Your customers are buying into your brand and need to feel that they are incredibly valuable to you. They want to feel valued so make sure that customer complaints are dealt with swiftly and favourably. A delivery that doesn’t go out on the booked date is addressed by you BEFORE your client gets on the phone or takes to social media to rant. Without happy customers, you won’t have a business so take time to appreciate every sale. Enclosing a hand written thank-you note inside each parcel for small businesses is also a great way to connect with your customer.



How you talk about your brand in your literature, press releases and website is hugely important, and again we have a wealth of experience in writing for mainstream media, broadsheets and copy writing for our clients that we can help you get attention for ALL the right reasons.



Luxury is all about the experience. From the shopping journey through to the actual arrival of the item. If your gift wrapping and branded packaging is ‘not exactly’ luxury, then no amount of slick photography and words are going to make up for the disappointment of your customer. Again, we are there to help direct our clients on ways that they can make a big impression, even on a limited budget. This beautiful packaging by fine jewellery designer Sylvia Kerr Jewellery showcase exactly how luxury should look. Both ooze luxury and quality and are reflective of their collections. If you think bubble wrap and some cheap tissue paper will do, now’s the time to think again.

If you’d like to chat further about our Luxury PR Services, you can either drop us a line [email protected] or call us on: 020 7043 2345.

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