Killer Tips On How To Engage With Your Audience Online
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Our Award-Winning PR & Marketing Team share their top tips for engaging with your audience online in this exclusive business blog.


Don’t Let Your Business Be A Stranger

The biggest mistake that we see businesses make is setting up their social media channels and forgetting about them. If you have a social media channel you don’t love anymore, then delete it! If potential customers come across your pre-loved channel and don’t see any recent activity, they might think your company is no longer trading. 


The Motto Is, Love It Or Lose! 

Engage with your audience online. If someone comments on your social media posts, then make sure you reply. We manage numerous social media channels for our clients and our Social Media Marketing Services, including engaging with fans and building relationships. These are essential aspects of your online reputation.


Give Value 

We understand you have a great product or service to sell, but don’t forget to give your audience value online. They want to know about the products or services but not be brainwashed. Keep your online content informative, interesting and varied. Our blog writing and website copywriting services focus on positioning your company as experts within your field whilst subtly selling. 


Engage With Your Audience & Start A Conversation

Don’t be shy about starting a conversation on social media. Steer clear of controversy (if it doesn’t fit with your brand’s narrative) but reach out to your online audience with questions, tips and advice. Invite feedback or ask if they have any valuable information to add to this content. Engaging with people, whether on your website, blog or social media, can help build stronger relationships. Stronger relationships lead to loyal customers.


Be Topical

Putting your head in the sand and ignoring current industry or world events won’t bring your online audience closer. Being relevant, timely and ‘in the picture’ is crucial for your business. Authenticity is everything and more. Keep the conversation relevant and mindful. If you wouldn’t discuss the subject face to face, then don’t bring it up online.

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