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Looking for some fun activities to do with your dog this summer? The MirrorMePR canine PR Team have some ‘pawsome’ ideas for you and your pooch to try!


This activity involves jumps, tunnels and weaves poles and while you might not be expected to do these obstacles (these are included for your dog to tackle!), it’s great exercise for you both, mentally and physically. You can find a club near you via, and there are numerous clubs and competitions to suit every type of dog and every ability and level.


Head down to a dog-friendly beach and have a game of frisbee. Have a dip in the sea for the perfect cool down on a hot day. Remember to provide your dog with shade and water and be aware of tide times to ensure you can both enjoy a safe, fun and active day at the seaside! Finding a beach that is dog-friendly all round year is tricky, but there is some great coastline you can enjoy all year around. If you want to make a longer stay of it check out: Beautiful sandy beaches and dog-friendly accommodation – ideal for a weekend of fun or longer.


Fancy fast and fun? Then Flyball is a great way to have fun with your dog. Teams of dogs compete against each other from a start line, over hurdles to a box that releases a tennis ball when the dog presses the spring loaded board, then it’s a race back to their handler carrying the ball! Great fun for dog and handler and brilliant for canine PR!


Taking your dog on holiday with you will do you both the world of good. Investigating new places, seeing different sights and spending more time together is an altogether enriching canine PR experience. Make sure you check your dog has a good recall and if venturing off into the countryside, be careful of livestock and stick to footpaths. For a great break in the heart of Suffolk, check out WoodFarm Barns for a luxury home from home experience with your dog.

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