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The mad panic from editors on deadlines, drafting releases on summer products and a visit to Olympia can only mean one thing… it’s nearly Christmas!

We love Olympia – who wouldn’t enjoy the chance to watch some fantastic riders and horses and catch up with press and clients alike? Plus, checking out what’s on offer in their shopping halls is always on our ‘to do’ list whilst there (as if we even needed an excuse to shop)!

This year, they seemed to have a really great balance between country, equestrian, fashion and lifestyle brands, so we were totally in my element! From designer riding boots through to cute knitted bobble hats, this year Olympia had plenty of cross over for those equestrian fashionistas looking to bag some stylistic ideas or blow their credit cards.

We found loads of gorgeous bits and pieces for both horse and rider, including bling and bespoke whips (the latter of which you could even have your name printed on!) and browbands, which took ‘sparkly’ to a whole new level! And as for croc and patent, well it was everywhere!

Indeed, from belts through to horse and rider boots, it seems that croc and patent are “the new black” (but of course, they also did come in a variety of colours!). Unless your horse has the paces of Charlotte Dujardin’s Valegro, we’re still not sure on the various patent and silver over-reach boots we spotted, but I suppose they would make your horse look impressive (they would certainly catch onlookers’ eyes at the very least!)

There were also lots of quilted riding jackets with faux fur trimmed hoods in both short and longer lengths, making them an ideal choice for winter wear away from the yard, and there was also a real surge of colour translated through stirrups and accessories.

But our favourite item we spotted? It would have to be these gorgeous wooden horses from STB Imports, which we really loved, not only because they could happily live in our back garden all year round, but because we think that perhaps we have quite enough faux fur, patent, croc and bling in our wardrobes for now!

Happy Christmas from all of us at MirrorMePR, the equestrian fashion and country lifestyle PR specialists!