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Our MD Ashley  had the pleasure of spending a whole day down at natural horsemanship expert Jason Webb’s Kent based yard last week for a shoot with one of our client’s Aloeride…

Jason is one of Aloeride’s sponsored riders and the purpose for the shoot was to get some photography and video for marketing and PR. Before setting up the agency, I had previously worked with various different ambassadors of natural horsemanship, so I was intrigued to see how Jason worked with the horses.

I already knew how popular Jason was through word of mouth, many of them professional riders who have told me that they choose to send horses to Jason for him to ‘start them’ or work through ‘behavioural’ issues, because he is hugely successful in both areas, so I was really looking forward to meeting Jason and watching him at work!

The first thing that struck me is just how calm Jason is, even without the horses around. He has such a great relaxed but assertive aura about him, you can’t help but feel chilled out, despite the restraints of time being a massive factor on that day! And when it came to watching Jason work with the horses, he was fascinating and because I was writing a feature for each horse he worked with, I got clear explanations on equine behaviour and clarification at each step of the way of exactly what he was doing and why! Amazing!

What struck me most was that when things didn’t quite go to plan with the horses, he remained calm, focused and relaxed (I think I need to work more on this instead of getting frustrated when I ride!)

I learnt so much from just watching Jason work the horses and it’s the part of my job, which I absolutely love! I never take for granted the opportunity I get to go behind the scenes and meet such talented trainers and riders and that was one shoot which will stay up there as a highlight.

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Jason Webb