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The MirrorMePR Canine PR Team have seen some pretty amazing outdoor dog kennels recently online (with some pretty amazing price tags too!). While the team prefer to have their dogs sleeping inside their homes, some of these kennels even boast central heating! So for the perfect luxury pooch pad, what would we recommend for the ultimate dog kennel of the future?

On Watch
Ok, so we realise that your dog should be guarding your home, but we would feel much better if we had CCTV fitted to their luxury pad outside as well! After all, we might want to just check on them throughout the night (us worried? No of course not!). We also need an automatic treat dispenser so that we can give him a treat or two and speakers that can play his favourite music and also allow us to speak to him.

Door Sensors
We think door sensors with nose recognition would be a good option, after all, you don’t want uninvited visitors to your home when you are sniffing around the garden or patrolling the fence line to ensure that the next door neighbour cats don’t just pop in.

Heating & Air-Con
Fitted to a thermostat, of course, so it will be regulated to keep them cool during those summer evenings and toasty during those cold winter nights.

Automatic Water Bowl
As part of his fixtures and fittings, his kennel will need an automatic water bowl fitted; so he always has fresh water without spilling it.

Luxury Pet Furniture
We think a Pink Whiskers bespoke dog bed would finish the kennel off beautifully. Designed for luxury and comfort, you can also choose colours, trim, fabrics, styles and even incorporate his name in gold if you so wished (we are wishing quite a lot for this bit).

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