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If afternoon tea is everything to you, our Luxury PR Team hear you! We’ve put together our top tips for throwing the best afternoon tea party that will be the talk of the town, and a setting which will give you ‘Insta gold’!


It’s All About The Crockery

Afternoon tea is all about tradition. When it comes to your choice of crockery and cake stand, it has to be vintage. Go with the trend for mismatched vintage crockery pieces to give a quaint but contemporary feel to your afternoon tea setting.


Get Out The Bunting

Bunting draped around the walls might seem over the top, but think of the likes you’ll get on those Instagram images! We are in love with the cute made-to-order tweed and floral bunting from our clients, Timothy Foxx. The perfect adornment for any social occasion. We’d use ours for decorating the outside of the house for Alfresco dining this summer!


Finger Sandwiches

We want finger sandwiches please, and cucumber of course. Need some inspiration on fillings? We found this fantastic guide on The Spruce Eats full of delicious inspiration.


Blackcurrant or Strawberry

When it comes to your preserves, we prefer to offer guests a choice of strawberry and blackcurrant! If you don’t have the resources or time to make your own, then try and shop for locally made jam. We have a fantastic little deli near to us which also sells homemade preserves – perfect for adding that special touch to your scones and teacakes!


Cakes Galore

It’s true. We love cakes.  We think the perfect afternoon tea should consist of scones, cupcakes, teacakes, tarts and traditional sliced cakes. They say that variety is the spice of life, and for a decent afternoon tea, variety on the cake front is essential!


Vegan Or Veggie?

Our office team include vegans and veggie, but it doesn’t mean they can’t join in the food fest fun! Look for veggie and vegan fillings off the shelf or make your own – you’ll be surprised how tasty some of them are. On the cake front, we LOVE Lola’s Cupcakes for vegan cakes. They deliver across the UK too so you can take all the glory for their gorgeousness if you’re feeling guilty about not home baking!


Tea For Two

Tea has to be tea leaves, and it has to be served from a vintage teapot. Our favourite is this selection box from Not On The High Street including traditional teas such as Earl Grey and Darjeeling with a few surprising combinations including a black tea infused with rosehip and rose petals – divine!


Don’t forget you can always throw a tea party in aid of a worthy charity by charging friends and family a token fee to dine with you. Whether you choose to support a small local charity or a larger nationwide charity – pick a cause close to your heart. Not only will it give your afternoon tea party a purpose but you can feel even less guilty about that extra slice of marble cake!


For more afternoon tea inspiration, check out our blog for our tips on “The Best Places To Take Afternoon Tea in London” written by our Luxury PR team.