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With over 40 years in equine marketing, we know what it takes to start and launch an equestrian brand. Over the years, we have helped hundreds of equestrian businesses raise their presence, from start-up small businesses to big global brand names. Our experienced Equestrian PR Team shares a few gems of advice in this business blog.


Know Your Marketplace

Do you know your equestrian marketplace well enough? Have you done plenty of research into demand for your product(s)? Understanding your marketplace and potential customer profiling is something you need to consider before launching your luxury equestrian brand. The number of small businesses set to fail often fall down at this first hurdle because they haven’t done any market research. 


There is no point in investing in a company if there is little or no demand for your products. Knowing who your customer is, their ‘pain points’ and what difference your products will make in their lives are important factors to consider. 


Recognise Your Equestrian Brand Competition

When you start an equestrian brand, you should know your competition. Successful equestrian brands will be aware of their competition but will not be micro-focused on them. Obsessing about your competition can be harmful to your brand. Having a healthy awareness yet creating your own strategic marketing campaign and focus is the secret to success. 


Trade Mark Protection

If you have a truly unique product, get the wheels in motion to trademark it. There is no point appointing a professional equestrian PR to help get the word out if a few months down the line you find that someone has copied your design and is selling it at a considerable mark-down. Trademark protection doesn’t happen overnight and is expensive, but the cost could be much greater if you don’t protect a great idea.


Get Professional Help

Look at the business and set out your strengths and weaknesses. Where do you excel, and where are your weaknesses? When starting an equestrian business, you will often wear many hats, but this can dilute the results in what you are good at and drain you of valuable time. 


Onboarding an accredited professional equestrian PR agency is an investment that will SAVE YOU MONEY. Cheap doesn’t equate to good, so shopping around for an Equestrian PR that is the cheapest won’t necessarily get you the results you are looking for. 


Remember, you only get one chance to make a good impression with an equestrian magazine editor, so make sure it is a good one. Journalists trust us and know we only associate ourselves with quality brands and products that deliver. 


Our reputation is everything and so should yours.

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