How To Get Fantastic Reviews For Your Business
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Reviews are a lifeline to your business. Fantastic reviews can make a business, and bad reviews can have the opposite effect. But how do you encourage your customers to leave a review for you? A whopping 89% of the population use web search engines to make purchase decisions! In this blog, our PR team share a few of their top tips for converting customers into customer reviewers.


Ask At The Moment Of Happiness

 We all know that warm, glow feeling of happiness, when we buy something. Take advantage of that feel-good factor with your customer! Whether you are a bricks and mortar store or online, ask customers to leave a review if they’ve enjoyed their shopping experience or want to share the love on their purchase. Explaining that they will be helping other customers make the right choice is also a great tactic. If you are an online business, you can do this on the receipt you send.


Make It Easy

 Make it easy for your customers to leave a review – If you have Trustpilot or Feefo for example, ensure that you have these icons embedded in your website (preferably on the home page). It’s easy for website visitors to read not only your fantastic reviews but also leave a review). For your email subscribers, remind them with a footer note and clickable icon to encourage them to leave a review. Don’t forget to double-check the platform through which you collect reviews. For example, Yelp doesn’t allow you to ask customers for a review, so double check your terms and conditions before creating your plan of action.


Don’t Ignore Bad Reviews

 Occasionally you will get a bad review (it happens) so how do you deal with it?


You DON’T ignore it!

 Replying to the customer publicly and addressing their negative review will show other customers that your customer service is reactive and proactive. It will also form further proof that you actually care about your business reputation. If the issue is more complex, inviting them to contact you privately so you can pick up on their problem is an excellent tactic to removing the issue off the web and into a private space. Also, according to Feefo, 5 x more shoppers actually look for negative feedback when deciding to buy and finding a company that has no bad reviews can make them highly suspicious, so embrace even the ‘not so great’ review.


Never Ever (Ever) Create Or Buy Fake Reviews

As with anything that requires hard work and effort, there is always a short cut. However, paying for fake reviews or creating your own fantastic reviews will never work in the long run. You not only risk your entire brand reputation with fake reviews but ultimately ethically it’s wrong. In the USA, this kind of activity is illegal!  We too would welcome tighter regulation around this area here in the UK.


Fantastic reviews take time to collect, but they are worth the effort and energy. Create a plan and supercharge your customer reviews to generate more sales!


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