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Are you looking to win in the style stakes at Ascot this year? Our stylish Luxury Lifestyle PR Team & our Former Celebrity Fashion Stylist & Now MD Ashley share their tips for creating the perfect race day outfit.

Hats Off

Choosing the right headwear should be done with care. Show stopping big is excellent for impact but will quickly become annoying in crowds. Instead, choose a lightweight and comfortable design, especially if you plan to dine in a formal setting. Tickling your fellow dining guest’s faces with hat plumage won’t be excellent dining etiquette.

Dress To Impress

Remember that race day is a long day. What feels tight but ‘OK’ in the shop’s changing room will feel like Victorian corset torture after a few hours. Choose something stylish, comfortable and feels and looks good standing or sitting. Ascot dress codes still apply even if you aren’t sat in the Royal Enclosure, so read up on straps, necklines and lengths to ensure you are suitably dressed for the event. Don’t discard a beautiful trouser suit for comfort, style and elegance.

Coats With Class

Unless wall to wall sunshine and scorching temperatures are predicted for your Ascot race day, dress for every eventuality. Remember, racecourses are often very open and windy, so team a jacket with a throw that you can roll up in your handbag should the weather turn for the worse.

Shoe Appeal

The same rule applies to the shoes as the dress: Comfort over height every time. Even walking from the car park to the venue can be crippling thanks to the terrine and distance. So, pack a pair of roll-up pumps in your handbag and wear these to and from the racecourse.

Bag Lady

Go big when it comes to your bag. Small clutch bags look fabulous but realistically, are you going to fit everything you need in there? Choose a bag that has room for all those essentials you might need or want for the day. Choosing a bold print or colour to make a statement to your Ascot outfit, or go for neutrals to par down your accessory choice.

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