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It’s #NationalDogDay this month, and our Pet Marketing Team will be celebrating this special day with our Office woof juniors. In this blog, we share five ways to celebrate National Dog Day, even if you don’t have a pup at home.

Pamper Your Pooch

From treating your dog to a fun dog out or spoiling him with a pamper day, there are lots of ways that you can do to show your dog you adore him! Bake him some special doggie biscuits, take him to his favourite park, a dog-friendly beach, woodland walk or pamper him with some fabulous grooming products. Whatever you do on National Dog Day, remember every day is a special day with a dog in your life!

Join A Local Dog Charity As A Dog Walker

Don’t have a dog and can’t commit to having a dog full time in your life? Why not volunteer at a local dog shelter as a dog walker or charity helper? Not only will your life be enriched by spending time with a variety of beautiful dogs, but you’ll also get fit and healthy in the process! Dogs are good for your health! That’s a win, win!!

Give A Donation To A Small Local Dog Rescue Centre

Wean yourself off that daily treat ‘coffee, chocolate bar, biscuits, wine’ and donate to your local dog charity at the end of the week or month. Remember, the small charities don’t have huge marketing budgets like the more prominent charities, so there is a good chance you may never have heard of them. Do a Google search or search on Facebook for a dog charity in your local area. These are a few of our favourite small local charities that deserve a special mention:

Second Chance Animal Rescue

Al Mayya K9 Adoptions

No Boundaries Rescue

Adopt, Don’t Shop

If you are thinking of getting a dog or puppy, don’t forget about adopting a rescue dog as an option. We have a wonderful rescue dog as part of our office pack, and he is the best-behaved dog out of all of the gang! Rescue dogs are often cast aside for the excitement of getting a puppy, but there are many positives in getting a rescue dog that can often outweigh starting with an eight-week-old puppy!

Create A Pooch Party

Arrange a party for your pooch at your local park and invite all your dog’s best mutts along. Not only will it be fun for you on National Dog Day, but your dog and his friends will think it is fantastic! Create fun games such as best ‘walk through temptation alley’, whereby you create a corridor filled with temptations such as toys and treats and see how good your recall is!! The most obedient dogs win a prize! 

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