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Marketing, in simple terms, is promoting and selling your products. Navigating your way through the marketing minefield during COVID is challenging, but get the tone and messaging right and you could be welcoming new customers and building stronger connections with existing customers.  Our Marketing Team shares their actionable tips to help your business during the pandemic in our latest business blog.


Check-in with your customers

Do your customers know what you are up to? Even if you have closed doors, check-in with your customers regularly via your social media channels and newsletters. If you are open for business, what precautions are in place to protect your staff? Are there any new changes that your customers need to be made aware? Keep connected.


Plan before you post

If you are posting on social media, take time to think before you post. Is your post wording and your content sensitive to this moment in time? Social media scheduling tools are excellent for busy businesses, but keep an eye on sentiment and the evolving situation to ensure that your post content is in keeping with the current mood.


Review and evolve

Just as the business plan you first wrote when you set up your business has changed and evolved, it will have done so again since the pandemic first hit and beyond. Reviewing your business model and future-proofing your business will be crucial to your business’s success and evolution. 


Focus on your unique selling points

When marketing your business during COVID, consider what sets you apart from your competition. Focusing on your U.S.P’s will distinguish you from your competitors and could even become your strongest selling point. Take time to write a list, and you may even discover some new ones! Don’t get obsessive over your competition  as this can be detrimental to your business and focus.


Community matters

Consider how you can help your customers and community. Is there a skill you can share via an online class or workshop or some valuable tips and advice you can share for free? Helping each other is more important than ever and sharing your skills or otherwise establishes you are a business that really cares.


Our Digital Marketing Recommendations 


Review your website 


Does it look tired? Does it need a revamp, rewrite and update? Is it easy to navigate? What is the speed loading time?

All these factors (and more) can harm user experience, your SEO and search ranking. 


Look at your social media strategy

Social Media Management is a worthwhile investment in your business. Whilst the organic reach in Facebook is limited, there is still an opportunity to be had with calculated spend and a strong social media strategy.


Write a newsletter

While marketing during COVID, newsletter sale conversions are as valuable as ever. With social media flooded with content, this could be the ideal way to connect and get the message across to your customers. Well written, valuable content will keep you in their inboxes and in the back of their minds.


Create a blog

Writing a blog is a great way to share tips, advice and expertise. You can introduce your valuable team, talk about a new product or discuss any other aspect of your business or industry. Don’t forget to share with your connections and on your social media platforms.


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