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Hot for Trot-Up

Our MD Ashley returns to her fashion styling roots, which came through creative genius and editor of Eventing magazine Julie Harding! To create fashionable looks for a trot up style challenge! In this blog Ashley shares her experience of shoot day:


Back in February, I met Julie at Beta and she revealed an idea, which she thought I might be interested in… take 2 event riders at Burghley Horse Trials and transform them for an inspirational trot up fashion feature for the magazine!

A brilliant concept and a fantastic opportunity for me to get my hands on a couple of willing guinea pigs and present some ideas and vision on elements that would help riders look great during the trot up!

Julie was fantastic and gave me a free rein (excuse the pun!) to pick two riders and also choose which clothing brands we could dress them in. We had to choose brands that were going to be at Burghley and we had a fantastic array of shops to choose from!

Lots of careful pre-planning from the office and a morning spent at Burghley prepping the job with a brilliant assistant (Thanks Nicola Read!) we arrived at the hotel weighed down with bags ready to set up for the shoot.

The two riders I choose were Lucy Wiegersma and Georgie Spence and quite frankly I couldn’t have picked nicer models! They were true pros as they were ferried over from Burghley after competing and straight into our makeshift make-up and wardrobe department and virtually undressed, dressed and on-set in express time. Having worked as a stylist for over 20 years asking an established celebrity to go out and perform for the camera in such little time is a big ask, but when it comes to event riders whose daily lives are spent riding as oppose to in front of the camera, Georgie and Lucy were fantastic sports and up for anything! Whilst we took the ‘Trot up’ angle one step further to make it visually more exciting with some high fashion pieces, I hope the feature will inspire riders to make more of an effort and also give readers some useful advice and tips!

You can see the results in the October issue of Eventing Magazine and you can have a peak behind the scenes in our special video…