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The Renwick & Sons grooming kit, as suggest by the MirrorMePR equine team

As winter takes hold, the endless cycle of tackling mud and stable stains begins. In this blog, the MirrorMePR equine team take a look at the grooming essentials that you and your horse need to stay clean whatever the weather!


Quality Over Quantity

Choosing your grooming tools carefully, with performance and efficiency in mind, will help make grooming not only more pleasurable for your horse, but will achieve better results in less time. Throw out the grooming tools that are past their best, or those that are not being used and are cluttering up your tack box.  

Our clients, Renwick & Sons, have created a premium kit that not only incorporates advanced bristle technology with an ergonomic design, but each brush has been formed to work in harmony with the others in the kit to allow you give your horse the equivalent of a deep clean with speed and ease!



Two clean sponges for face and body, which come in different colours for easy identification. Keep one sponge exclusively for the face and the other to use on his body and legs.


A Clean Towel

A clean, dry hand towel is perfect for drying off wet areas after sponging off and towelling off legs after hosing down. You can also soak the cloth in warm water, ring out the excess, and wipe over a dusty coat while still warm, to help take away dust and scruff from a winter coat.


Bucket For Two

A two-gallon bucket is the perfect size for mixing shampoo and water. If washing with buckets, we find keeping two on the go while washing is excellent for the shampoo and rinse cycle – with speed!


No Sweat

A sweat scraper is vital for removing excess water after sponging around the girth and saddle area.


Keep Your Cool

A cooler rug is essential for winter, especially if you have a wet or sweaty horse. Use the cooler under your stable rug after bathing to help keep your horse from catching a chill, and also help wick away the sweat.


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