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In this blog, Our MD & former fashion stylist, Ashley discusses the closing gap between haute couture and horses..

Coming from a fashion background, I still have lots of friends in the industry, many of who still find the fact I chose to turn my back on the glitz and glamour of celebrity styling for horses very amusing!

In fact one of them fondly calls me ‘Equi-tart’ such is my love for all things equestrian!

However the bridge between haute couture and horses is certainly narrowing and this coming autumn/winter once again, equestrian inspired fashion is back and one such designer Moschino was hot to trot during Milan fashion week with traditional equestrian inspired tailoring making a welcome return. It’s interesting to see also how equestrian riding brands are now also bringing together technical fabrics with high fashion styling to ensure that we look good (And don’t get sweaty) both in and out of the saddle.

I’m loving this continuing trend, because quite frankly, when it comes to popping into Sainsbury’s straight after riding, maybe I won’t feel so self conscious, more self righteous, that I am indeed a dedicated follower of fashion!