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An image of two scary pumpkins - probably another thing that cause frights for horses!


From the perspective of your horse, ghouls and ghosts aren’t the most terrifying things around this Halloween… In fact (and as usual, with our equine friends!), the most normal, everyday things seem the scariest to horses. With that in mind, these are what we think would be the top 10 frights for horses. We have a sneaking suspicion that horse owners will recognise them only too well…

  1. The sound of bin day, otherwise known as “I can do acrobats and on tarmac”
  2. Someone moving the mounting block, which elicits the reaction: “if you think I’m going anywhere near THAT now…”
  3. Someone moving the jumps around in jump pole corner, which also gets the reaction: “I’m definitely not going anywhere near that now, are you crazy?”
  4. A shiny new feed bowl or, in fact, in some cases absolutely anything new, which makes your horse think “you are clearly trying to poison me and I’m going to foil that plan”
  5. Bath time, aka attack of the water and other strange things – “because I’m (not) worth it, I’d rather be dirty”
  6. Puddles, because “it wasn’t there yesterday, so it’s clearly not safe”
  7. Velcro on anything, which evokes the horrified “Do you even know how loud that is?” look
  8. People wearing big back packs, who must be avoided at all costs since they are obviously “extreme danger on legs”
  9. People with babies strapped to their chests in baby carriers “noisy pink danger in a bag”
  10. Logs in the forest, which are evidently just “monsters lying dormant and hiding in plain sight, waiting to attack me”