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Winner Of The International Talent Award in Equestrian Blogger Awards 2017


Recently, the winners of the Haynet ‘Equestrian Blogger Of The Year Awards’ (which we were proud sponsors of) were announced. In this blog we caught up with Martina of  Tacchi A Cavallo, the winner of our ‘International Talent Award’ and asked her to fill in the blanks..

I AM….. a woman in her best “thirties” years, a mum of a baby boy of two, a wife, and a horse lover fashionista. Three years ago (almost four) I started up my own equestrian blog driven by the desire to describe the equestrian world from a unique point of view; the fashion.

I LOVE… bringing the equestrian world outside the stables, in everyday life. Not every horse lover has the chance to breathe the positive vibes of these amazing animals. That’s the role of fashion and design, that become the perfect means to express the feelings and the emotions that the equestrian world is capable of giving.

I’M NOT AFRAID OF…. being daring and taking up new challenges. A year ago I set up my own Tacchi a Cavallo Ltd  company adventure.

Violence and people who hate animals …… GIVES ME NIGHTMARES

I PREFER……. Horse jumping TO dressage…….. BECAUSE… I don’t really know why but the first one gets me very excited 🙂

IF I WASN’T BLOGGING I WOULD BE DOING…. something creative to indulge my passion for horses, fashion and writing.

MY SPIRIT ANIMAL IS…….. definitely a horse but with wings to fly high in the sky.

MY MOST INTERESTING FACT ABOUT MYSELF IS: I decided to create an equestrian inspired Foulard Collection and chose a big Italian dressage athlete, Silvia Rizzo to be our ambassador. I also designed a capsule collection for an equestrian jewellery artisan that celebrates the three years of Tacchi a Cavallo.

MY BEST PARTY TRICK IS: check out the dress code and dress properly 😉

THE ROLE MODEL I LOOK UP TO AND WHY… I don’t have a role model I look up to but I like meeting new cultures, and have a simple yet a fashionable lifestyle. Horses and my son keep me grounded, fashion lets me dream big.

MY EARLIEST MEMORY OF HORSES IS….. back to my childhood. My mother, horse breeder and sewer for passion, installed in me the love for this amazing animal and the enthusiasm for handmade quality products.

MY FAVOURITE MOTTO  IS…. Ride your life with a slice of glamour

MY TOP BLOGGING TIP IS…. Choose the niche you like, have fun and get the best out of it

A LOT OF PEOPLE DON’T KNOW THIS ABOUT ME BUT…. the first time I dated (with the man who is now my husband) we went out riding together, galloping in the countryside of Rome. I discovered only later that it was his first time ever on a horse 🙂

I CAN’T BELIEVE…… I won the International Talent award in the Equestrian Blogger Of The Year 2017 Awards

IF I RULED THE WORLD FOR A DAY I WOULD….. wear a Stella McCartney dress with horse prints 🙂

MY PERSONAL FAVOURITE PHOTO IS THIS portrait from professional photographer Elena Datrino…. BECAUSE….. I was wearing my horse riding outfit for my first very important photo shoot project as a blogger. “Facce da Blogger”, exhibited at the important Affordable Art Fair of Milan and in other art galleries in Italy, and last but not least, I was pregnant with my baby boy.

You can read Martina’s super stylish equestrian blog, Tacchi A Cavallo.

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